Lagotto Romagnolo
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Lagotto Romagnolo

Characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo

Country of originItaly
The sizeAverage
Growth36-49 cm
Weight11–16 kg
Age14–16 years old
FCI breed groupRetrievers, spaniels and water dogs
Lagotto Romagnolo Characteristics

Brief information

  • Rare breed in Russia;
  • obedient, intelligent;
  • Human oriented;
  • The second name of the breed is the Italian Water Dog.


The origin of the lagotto romagnolo cannot be established today. Some researchers believe that the peat dog was the ancestor of the breed, others are inclined to the ashen version. It is reliably known that the first mention of lagotto dates back to the 16th century. The Italians themselves believe that Turkish sailors brought dogs of this breed to the country. Pets immediately attracted the attention of hunting skills. In the 17th century, they were already constant companions of game hunters. And best of all, dogs showed themselves on the water. But with the drainage of reservoirs, work for animals suddenly ceased. The breeders were not at a loss: the dogs turned out to be talented bloodhounds, and truffles became their new prey. And today, Italians use lagotto romagnolo to find this delicacy.

Representatives of the breed have a pleasant character: they are open and very sociable dogs. They treat all family members with love, but number one for them is still the owner.

The Italian Water Dog perceives strangers calmly, although with distrust. Aggression and cowardice are considered the vices of the breed. Therefore, it is important to carry out timely socialization , to acquaint the puppy with the outside world and people.

Italian water dogs quickly adapt to any conditions, but they simply need an adored owner to be around. The key to a happy Lagotto life is care and love. Therefore, single business people are not recommended to start representatives of this breed. With a lack of attention, the pet will begin to feel sad, yearn and act up.


With the animals in the house, the lagotto romagnolo quickly finds a common language. This is a calm and peaceful dog, which only in extreme cases will begin to prove its dominant position.

Italian water dogs are also loyal to children. Moreover, they are so patient that they can act as a nanny. However, in any case, it is necessary to explain to the child the rules of communication with a pet.

Lagotto Romagnolo Care

Lagotto Romagnolos are amazing dogs. With proper care, they do not smell, and their coat, due to their special structure, practically does not shed. True, the dog will still have to be combed out every week, thus removing the fallen hairs. This will help avoid the formation of tangles.

The condition of the eyes, ears and teeth of the pet should be monitored, regularly inspected and, if necessary, cleaned.

Conditions of detention

Italian water dogs will be happy to walk with the owner in the park several times a day. You can offer your pet various types of fetching , run with him and even ride a bike. These active dogs need long walks 2-3 times a day.

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