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Slovensky Kopov

Characteristics of Slovensky Kopov

Country of originSlovakia
The sizeaverage
Growth40-50 cm
Weight15-20 kg
Age10-14 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Slovensky Kopov Characteristics

Brief information

  • Quick-witted;
  • Obedient;
  • Playful.

Origin story

As can be understood from the name of the breed, the birthplace of these dogs is Slovakia. The first representatives appeared in the mountainous regions of this country, where they were used not only for hunting, but also as watchmen.

It is very difficult to say with certainty when exactly the Slovensky Kopov appeared, the first mention of this breed dates back to the Middle Ages. But, since they began to monitor the purity of the breed in Slovakia only after the First World War, there is no exact information. Many cynologists agree that the ancestors of this dog were Celtic Bracci. In addition, judging by appearance, it seems that the Slovensky Kopov is a close relative Polish hound. Some cynologists believe that this breed was bred by crossing the Balkan and Transylvanian hounds with the Czech Fousek. The excellent ability of the cops to go both hot and cold has made them indispensable assistants in hunting big game, such as wild boar.

Description of the breed

Outwardly, the Slovak Kopov has all the characteristic features of a hound. A slightly elongated body looks light, but this fragility is deceptive: the Slovak Kopov is a strong and agile dog. A medium-sized head with an elongated muzzle and a black nose is crowned with hanging long ears.

The coat of the Slovak Kopov is very hard, close to the body. The length is average. At the same time, it is longer on the back and tail than on the paws or head. The color of the breed is characterized by black with reddish or reddish tan marks.

Slovensky Kopov Character

The Slovensky Kopov is a very brave and hardy dog ​​with a phenomenal instinct. At the same time, the breed is distinguished by amazing perseverance: a dog on the trail can drive the beast for hours, perfectly orienting itself in the surrounding space.

The nature of the cops is lively and independent. The dog is very devoted to the owner and will be an excellent watchman, but the main instinct is still hunting, so it cannot become a companion pet for cops. Some independence inherent in these dogs forces the owner to be persistent in training, otherwise the character of the pet may become too independent.


Caring for the ears and eyes of the Slovensky Kopov does not require any serious skills from the owner. The same with wool: once every three days is recommended comb out a dog with a special brush, and during shedding it is better to do this daily. Bathe the pet should be no more than once every three months, but after long walks it is necessary to wipe the paws and wool on the stomach.

The Slovensky Kopov needs daily exercise – keeping a hound indoors is very harmful. Walking with a dog of this breed is necessary at least twice a day, preferably for an hour or more.

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