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If you are a lover of the underwater world or terrarium animals and you have never kept an aquarium or terrarium, on our website you have the opportunity to learn about those who have successfully done or are doing this.

All over the world, people share a passion for the exotic of the underwater and animal world. Many of them, in home aquariums, terrariums, try to keep and breed fish, invertebrates, reptiles, aquatic plants. Nowadays, there is a growing interest in aquarium and terrarium animals, and more and more people are joining this activity, because keeping an aquarium or terrarium is a very interesting activity that rewards the effort expended and decorates your home with an oasis of wildlife.

Usually, a beginner who wants to join this exciting activity has difficulties from the very beginning, but do not get upset. Firstly, there is a good side – to watch the fish, how they swim around the aquarium, collect food, or how lizards are happy to bask under the lamp, crawl around the terrarium, by the way, you can touch them, because they have rather pleasant skin to the touch . Secondly, there is our website, which simply and clearly explains how to maintain an aquarium and a terrarium with a wide variety of inhabitants. 

How to decide what  type of aquarium or terrarium  you need, what to choose? Find out all this here. After reading the “All About Aquariums ” section, you will be able to choose between marine and freshwater aquariums, get advice on choosing an aquarium , get acquainted with the basics of aquarium care , gain knowledge about heating, lighting, aeration and filtration of an aquarium. In addition, you can build an aquarium to your liking and equip it with decorative elements. 

I want to note the section ” Diseases of aquarium fish “, because it is useful not only for the treatment of diseases, but for their prevention. 

The terrarium section of our website will also be of no less interest to a beginner who is going to keep exotic animals. After reading the section, you will know the general points of keeping a terrarium, learn how to make a terrarium yourself , as well as which animals are often kept in a terrarium.

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There is no useless information on the site and everything is written in understandable language, but if something is not clear to you or you have questions, write to our forum animal lovers forum.

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