Glen of Imaal Terrier
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Glen of Imaal Terrier

Characteristics of Glen of Imaal Terrier

Country of originIreland
The sizeAverage
Growth30–35 cm
Weightup to 16 kg
Ageup to 15 years
FCI breed groupTerriers
Glen of Imaal Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Wayward and smart;
  • Hardy, good for sports;
  • Balanced, not aggressive;
  • Devoted to his family.


The Glen of Imaal Terrier comes from the eastern valleys of Ireland, the territory of modern County Wicklow, which determined the name of the breed. The ancestors of these dogs hunted foxes and badgers, quietly making their way into their holes. Unlike other hunting breeds, the Glen were supposed to take the beast by surprise, and not bark at him, calling on the owner. Despite this, they have always been loud dogs. In the 20th century, professional breeders gradually got rid of this quality, and now this is one of the quietest dog breeds. In the 16th century, Wicklow dogs actively crossed with undersized hounds that came to Ireland with English soldiers. As a result, a breed similar to the modern Glen of Imaala was formed.

This Irish Terrier has been in close contact with humans throughout its history, and many dogs have even been used as guard dogs. This allowed the breed to become an excellent companion, strongly attached to the family. Non-aggressive and positive glen are always happy to play with children, at the same time they are unobtrusive and enjoy spending time with the owner on the couch.


This breed is characterized by waywardness, so it must be trained under the supervision of professionals. At the same time, Glens are smart, learn quickly and communicate easily. The Glen of Imaal Terrier needs early and long socialization . With age, the hunting instinct is strengthened in the dog, and it can be aggressive towards other animals. If the dog is properly educated and does not perceive cats or rodents as prey, then it calmly shares the territory with other pets.


Glen wool requires regular plucking – hard and dense upper hairs do not allow the soft and fluffy undercoat to fall out. This breed sheds little, but without proper care loses its characteristic appearance. In addition, over time, the dog becomes hot in such a “fur coat”. The terrier needs to be washed as needed. If the pet spends a lot of time on the street, then you need to bathe him at least twice a month. It is important to keep your teeth clean every week and do not forget to trim your nails .

Many representatives of the breed are carriers of a recessive gene that can lead to progressive retinal atrophy. For this reason, it is important to always know the puppy’s pedigree.

Conditions of detention

The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier gets along well in a city apartment. This dog will feel comfortable if you walk with it a lot and for a long time. You can play and run outside with glen – these originally hunting dogs enjoy chasing objects, crawling, jumping and pulling the rope.

The breed also likes to take part in dog sports and train for competitions. This is not the most active terrier, but he is very hardy. The Glen of Imaal Terrier, like many dogs, does not tolerate loneliness, so it is better not to part with him for a long time.

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