Smooth Fox Terrier
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Smooth Fox Terrier

Characteristics of Smooth Fox Terrier

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizeSmall
Growth38.5-39.5 cm
Weight7–8 kg
Age13–14 years old
FCI breed groupTerriers
Smooth Fox Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Active, energetic, literally a living “battery”;
  • Cheerful, playful;
  • Great companion for families with children.


Initially, the smooth-haired and wire-haired fox terriers were considered the same breed, although in fact their ancestors are completely different. The ancestors of the smooth-coated terrier include the now-defunct black and tan terrier, the beagle and the greyhound . At the same time, the fox terrier was known as a breed back in the 14th century: images of these dogs can be found in many paintings of that time.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the smooth-haired and wire-haired terrier ceased to be crossed with each other, and the modern standard of the smooth-haired terrier was registered with the International Cynological Federation in 1993.

The Fox Terrier is a real fidget. He is always ready for games, running, entertainment – for any activity! The main thing is that the beloved owner is nearby, because for the dog he is the whole world.

The cheerful and optimistic fox terrier is actually affectionate only with people – with animals, he can behave like a bully. That is why he needs early socialization . You need to walk with a puppy, starting from 2-3 months, and acquaint him with the outside world.


As for training , it is important to find an approach to the dog. Yes, the fox terrier is an intellectual, he quickly grasps commands and understands what is required of him. But, alas, not always in a hurry to fulfill them. The owner of the dog must be patient and persistent – this is the only way to achieve obedience from the terrier.

However, a well-bred fox terrier is an affectionate and sensitive dog, he is interested in strangers, does not show aggression. At the same time, the fox terrier gets along great with children. This is not surprising: who, if not a child, can walk, run and play with a dog on the street for hours?

The fox terrier is not the best neighbor for a cat, especially if you plan to move the kitten to an adult dog. Antagonist animals may have conflicts. But, of course, much depends on the specific representatives of the families. Peaceful dogs quickly find a common language with phlegmatic cats.

The Fox Terrier is one of the best candidates for dog sports such as dog frisbee and agility . A jumpy and very active dog will be happy to splash out energy in training.

Smooth Fox Terrier Care

The short coat of the Smooth Fox Terrier does not require much grooming. It is enough to wipe the dog with a damp towel or just with your hand once a week to remove loose hairs. During periods of molting, the pet should be combed out a couple of times a week with a massage comb .

Conditions of detention

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a small but extremely energetic dog. It can easily get along in an apartment, but it will require long and active walks on the street. If the owner cannot provide the pet with proper physical activity, the dog’s character will deteriorate: it can become aggressive and uncontrollable. Boots, sofa upholstery, table and chair legs – everything that the fox terrier finds as entertainment will be used.

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