Golddust Yorkshire Terrier
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Golddust Yorkshire Terrier

Characteristics of Golddust Yorkshire Terrier

Country of originGermany
The sizeMiniature
Growthup to 25 cm
Weightup to 5 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Very rare breed;
  • A special variety of the Yorkshire Terrier;
  • Playful, curious and friendly.


Despite the fact that the Goldust Yorkie was officially recognized only about ten years ago, it cannot be called a completely new breed. The fact is that golden-colored puppies were born back in the 1980s to Biewer Yorkies, a tri-color variety of Yorkshire terriers . But then such puppies were not singled out, but considered a new color of the Biewer Yorkie.

However, a little later, the biologist Kristen Sanchez-Meyer drew attention to the unusual color of the coat. She decided to find out the reasons for its origin. It turned out that a special recessive gene is responsible for this color, the carrier of which is some Yorkshire terriers and Biewer Yorkies. This was the defining moment for the selection of a new breed. By the way, the name “goldust” (gold dust) literally translates from English as “gold dust”.

The Goldust Yorkie, like his older companion the Yorkshire Terrier, is a small, cheerful and very active dog. It is an excellent companion for both families with children and single people. Representatives of the breed are very sociable and friendly. If most dogs are still wary of strangers, then the Golden Yorkie is a pleasant exception. They are happy to get acquainted with the guests of the house and with all their appearance demonstrate good nature and hospitality. At the same time, the Golden Yorkie is not stupid or naive, it is a smart and curious pet. He is able to understand the owner perfectly! Therefore, representatives of this breed are easy to train and not at all tiring. Goldust will certainly appreciate educational toys.


Representatives of this breed are strongly attached to their owner, and therefore it is highly not recommended to leave the dog alone for a long time: the pet needs communication and without it begins to yearn and feel sad. If your work schedule does not allow you to spend all day with a dog, you can immediately get a couple of Golden Yorkies – they will definitely not be bored together.

With other animals, the goldst is also quite capable of getting along. True, a small dog may try to become a leader, and therefore small conflicts may arise with pets that are not ready to put up with this state of affairs. However, over time, animals will find a common language.

Goldust Yorkie with his pretty appearance will conquer any child. And the pet itself is very loyal to children. But the kids need to explain the rules of communication with the dog, because it is very easy to injure or injure it.


The luxurious coat of the Goldust Yorkie requires careful care. The dog can do haircuts , or you can leave a pet with long hair. Goldusts do not have an undercoat, so the shedding is not very intensive, and the wool almost does not fall into tangles. The dog should be combed every week, and bathing twice a month is sufficient. As necessary, it is necessary to trim the grown claws , as well as clean the eyes and teeth of the dog.

Conditions of detention

Goldust Yorkies feel great in a city apartment. They can be accustomed to a diaper, but this does not negate the obligatory walks with the dog twice a day. Energetic pets need active pastime.

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