Fila Tercheira
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Fila Tercheira

Other names: Terceira Mastiff; Cão de Fila da Terceira

Characteristics of Fila Tercheira

Country of originPortugal
The sizeLarge
Growth55 cm
Weight35–45 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Fila Tercheira Cehristics

Brief information

  • Aggressive towards strangers;
  • Good guards and fighters;
  • They need socialization and training.

Origin story

The Fila Tercheira is a unique, beautiful and interesting breed native to the Azores in Portugal. In particular, the island of Tercheira. These dogs, whose ancestors included bulldogs , mastiffs , Dogue de Bordeaux , as well as Spanish Alanos , were used by both pirates and locals. One of the purposes of large muscular dogs was participation in dog fights. In the 1880s, veterinarian Dr. José Leite Pacheco wrote the first breed standard and wanted to give her the name Rabo Torto (rabo – tail, torto – twisted). However, already at that moment this breed was on the verge of extinction. As a result, she was not officially recognized not only by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale , but also by the local Portuguese club.

In the 1970s, the Fila Tersheira breed was considered extinct. However, these dogs still lived on the island of Tercheira and neighboring islands. It was thanks to the remaining representatives of the breed that enthusiasts managed to start its revival.


Typical representatives of the breed are very muscular and powerful dogs. In appearance, the Fila Tersheira resembles a smaller Bullmastiff or the more athletic Dogue de Bordeaux. These are broad-chested and broad-shouldered Molossians, with a beautiful proportional head and a powerful neck. The ears of typical representatives of the breed are hanging, with a rounded tip. One of the distinguishing features of the Fila Tershare is the tail. It is short and seems to be curled like a corkscrew. The nose of these dogs can be either black or brown, while the smooth short coat should be solid in shades of yellow, brown and fawn with a dark mask. Small white markings on the chest and legs are allowed.


The dog is quite aggressive and is very suspicious of strangers. Fila Tersheira puppies are in dire need of proper socialization for life in an urban environment.

Fila Tercheira Care

Standard, but nail trimming , ear cleaning and combing of dogs must be taught from puppyhood.


Typical representatives of the breed are unpretentious. However, they need active, long walks and close human contact. If you do not give the dog, especially the puppy, sufficient physical activity, then you may encounter destruction in the apartment or in the house. Also, these dogs need a firm hand, and for the safety of others, the representative of the Fila Tersheira breed must clearly know his place in the home hierarchy.


Since the Fila Tercheira are still extremely rare even in their homeland, there is no information about their value and possible sale abroad.

Fila Tercheira – Video

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