Fila Brasileiro
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Fila Brasileiro

Characteristics of Fila Brasileiro

Country of originBrazil
The sizeLarge
Growth60–70 cm
Weight40–50 kg
Age9–11 years old
FCI breed groupPinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians, Mountain and Swiss Cattle Dogs
Fila Brasileiro Characteristics

Brief information

  • Devoted to the owner and family;
  • Magnificent guards;
  • Aggressive towards strangers;
  • Prohibited for breeding in a number of countries.


When you first look at the Fila Brasileiro, it becomes clear that you have a serious dog in front of you. The large muscular dog is a worthy descendant of the English mastiffs . For several hundred years, he served as an excellent guard and protector. Fila can easily cope with these functions even now. Moreover, the Brazilian Mastiff is considered one of the best in this business. The main thing is to properly educate the dog, because it has a very difficult character.

The Fila Brasileiro is one of the few dog breeds whose aggressiveness is not considered a vice. Therefore, its owner must be an exceptionally brave, strong and persistent person, he must show his superiority to the pet. Fila brazileiro is not suitable for weak and quiet people.

The training and socialization of representatives of this breed begins from childhood, and the sooner the better. It is necessary to train a dog strictly under the supervision of a professional cynologist . Stubborn, independent and wayward, the Fila may try to manipulate and dominate as soon as they feel weak.


But, if the Fila recognized you as the leader of the “pack”, be sure that you will not find a more devoted and reliable friend. A favorite host for a pet of this breed becomes everything. This is especially evident in childhood: the puppy is ready to follow the leader of the “pack” everywhere. Although often adult dogs behave the same way.

Like many other animals, the Fila Brasileiro does not trust strangers. But it’s not just suspicion, it’s real anger. Even a socialized dog almost never remains indifferent to strangers. But in the circle of loved ones, this is an affectionate and friendly pet who is ready for anything for the sake of love. The meaning of his life is in serving the family, its protection and protection.

Fila Brasileiro treats children well, but it is difficult to call him a nanny. Experts still do not recommend getting a dog of this breed for a child.

Fila brazileiro can live peacefully with other animals only if they grew up together. Otherwise, the dog will demonstrate its superiority in every possible way and will hardly tolerate newcomers on its territory.

Fila Brasileiro Care

The short coat of the Fila Brasileiro does not require careful care – it is enough to periodically comb the dog with a massage brush. A puppy must be taught this procedure from childhood.

It is also important to clean the folds in the skin in time and to examine and brush the pet’s teeth .

Conditions of detention

Fila brazileiro hardly gets along in a city apartment. This large dog feels much better outside the city. However, if the owner manages to provide him with the necessary physical activity, the fila can become a city dweller. In this case, special attention should be paid to the early socialization of the dog so that unfamiliar situations do not frighten it and do not provoke aggression.

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