Fel Hound
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Fel Hound

Characteristics of Fel Hound

Country of originEngland
The sizeLarge
Growth58-64 cm
Weight20–25 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Fel Hound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Independent, requires a good upbringing;
  • Very rare breed;
  • Good working qualities.

Origin story

The Fel Hound is a very rare breed of dog, whose representatives are extremely difficult to meet not only outside of England, but even in their small homeland – the Lakeland Highlands and the Pennines. These dogs are similar in appearance to the rather popular Estonian hounds and Russian piebald hounds, but, according to available information, they are not related. The closest relative for the Fel Hound is considered to be the English Foxhound , which was bred in the 16th century and is considered one of the most famous English hounds. Felhounds are currently on the verge of extinction and are not recognized by the International Cynological Federation. However, cynologists are trying to do everything possible to preserve this unique breed.


Typical representatives of the breed are harmoniously built muscular dogs. Their body is noticeably stretched, the neck is strong and dry, the chest is wide and deep. The back of the Fel Hound is straight, the stomach is slightly tucked up. The paws are rather long and muscular. The head of the Fel Hound is of moderate skull width and a fairly long, rectangular muzzle. The nose is broad and painted black. The ears of typical representatives of the breed are rather low-set, hanging, with a rounded tip. The eyes are dark brown. Felhounds are short-haired dogs. Color with a predominance of white.


Like any hounds, Fel Hounds are active dogs that love their job, their mission is hunting. They are well trained, friendly and efficient. And they are incompatible with cats and small domestic animals.

Fel Hound Care

There is no information about any features of the breed in terms of health, including nothing known about food allergies or severe hereditary diseases. Like any dog, the Felhound needs to be treated for parasites and vaccinated against infectious diseases on time. You also need to choose the right diet so that the dog is healthy and active. Since the ears of typical representatives of the breed are hanging, regular inspection is necessary in order to notice possible problems in time.

How to Keep

Like other hunting dogs, the Fel Hound is best kept outside the city, where there is a private house with a plot and aviaries.


Due to the extreme rarity of the breed, there is no exact data on the prices of puppies. But it is obvious that in order to get such a dog, you will have to go to England for it or arrange delivery, which will no doubt affect the final price of the Fel Hound. If you do not speak English, then you may need the help of an interpreter to negotiate with breeders, which should also be included in the cost of acquiring a dog.

Fel Hound – Video

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