Catahoula Bulldog
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Catahoula Bulldog

Characteristics of Catahoula Bulldog

Country of originUSA
The sizeLarge
Growthup to 65 cm
Weightup to 48 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Catahoula Bulldog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Energetic and hardy dog;
  • Performs well the duties assigned to him;
  • Smart and loyal, loves children.


At the end of the 19th century, the American bulldog and the Catahoula leopard dog, a local southern breed that later became the symbol of the state of Louisiana, were first crossed in the United States. The puppies inherited the brightest qualities of both parents, and this became the starting point for the purposeful breeding of this dog breed. She got the name Catahoula Bulldog.

In the middle of the 20th century, the most active breeder of the breed Howard Karnathan, explaining his passion, wrote in a letter to the Animal Research Foundation that he always needed a dog that could become a protector for his children and at the same time would be useful on the farm. And the Catahoula bulldog combined all the necessary qualities.

Initially, his ancestors – American bulldogs and leopard dogs – were bred to hunt fur-bearing animals, wild boars and bears, they were distinguished by energy and a developed instinct of pursuit, but later they were increasingly involved in shepherd work, help on the farm. Leopard dogs were great companions – caring, playful, loving to children and not aggressive. Bulldogs, on the other hand, were sensitive watchmen who did not like strangers, in addition, they were very strong and hardy.


Like his ancestors, the Catahoula bulldog is quite capricious, but the leader, the leader, who should be his master, strictly obeys. These dogs need active communication not only with other dogs, but also with people. Early and productive socialization will accustom them to life in society. They also need professional training – an inexperienced owner may not be able to cope with the bulldog’s stubborn nature. Although these dogs are extremely smart and learn quickly. A dog of this breed, familiar from childhood with the rules of the human world and confident in its safety, will never attack a person.

This breed is common in the United States of America also due to its love of love. Bulldog Catahoula, despite the harsh appearance, loves his family very much, ready to spend all the time with the household, especially with children. He does not get tired of human society. With good upbringing, it gets along well with other pets.

Outside of North America, the breed is almost never found. In addition, these dogs are prohibited from being imported into some European countries (Germany, Denmark) due to their relationship with the American Bulldog , which is still considered dangerous.

Catahoula Bulldog Care

Catahoula Bulldogs can be of completely different colors, among them dogs with heterochromia (different eye colors) are often found.

Dogs with light coats and blue eyes require special attention, as they often suffer from blindness and deafness. In general, the breed does not have any characteristic and common diseases, which does not exclude the need to visit a veterinarian at least once a year for a preventive examination.

Catahuls almost do not shed, their short hair can be wiped with a wet towel and sometimes combed. It is important to take care of your pet ‘s teeth and cut the claws in time .

Conditions of detention

These dogs are very active, so they will be comfortable in a spacious house or large apartment. Walking with them should not be a forced routine, Catahoula Bulldogs love to run, play, actively interact with the owner.

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