American Staghound
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American Staghound

Characteristics of American Staghound

Country of originUSA
The sizeMedium, large
Growth61–81 cm
Weight20–41 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
American Staghound

Brief information

  • Calm, quiet, modest dogs;
  • Very patient with children;
  • Another name for the breed is the American Staghound.


The American Deer Dog dates back to the 18th century. It was at this time that the first experiments on crossing the Scottish Deerhound and Greyhound were carried out. However, the American deer dog should not be considered their direct descendant. Representatives of the breed have also been crossed with various wolfhounds and the Greyhound.

Today, the American Deer Dog often plays a companion role. Appreciate her for her pleasant character and outstanding mental abilities.

Affectionate dog treats all family members with love. Even the antics of small children cannot unbalance the dog. Thanks to this, the staghound has gained fame as a good nanny. True, it would be better if the dog’s games with children are supervised by adults, because this is a rather large breed. Carried away, she can inadvertently crush the child.

The American Deer Dog is energetic in moderation: it will not run around the house headlong and destroy everything in its path. Some owners consider their pets to be a bit lazy. However, this is not true. Staghounds are just incredibly calm and balanced. They used to pour out all their energy on the street.

Surprisingly, the American Deer Dog, unlike many greyhounds, is considered a good guard dog. She has excellent eyesight and sharp hearing – no one will go unnoticed. Nevertheless, a good protector of property is unlikely to come out of it: dogs of this breed are absolutely not aggressive.

Staghound works in a pack, he easily finds a common language with other dogs. In extreme cases, he can compromise, so he gets along even with rather unfriendly relatives. But with cats, alas, the American deer dog is not so often friends. The pronounced hunting instincts of the dog affect. Nevertheless, exceptions still occur, and some representatives of the breed are happy to share the territory with a cat.

American Staghound Care

The hard, thick coat of the American Staghound requires attention. With the help of a furminator, it is combed out weekly , and during the molting period it is recommended to do this every three days.

Bathe dogs infrequently, as needed. As a rule, once a month is sufficient.

Conditions of detention

The American deer dog is rarely kept in an apartment: after all, it feels more comfortable in a country house, subject to free range. But, if the owner is able to provide the pet with a sufficient level of physical activity for him, there will be no problems in the city.

It is important to note that until the age of one year, American deer puppies should not run much, it is also important to monitor the intensity of their games. Otherwise, the pet can damage unformed joints.

American Staghound – Video

American Staghound

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