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Characteristics of Bullmastiff

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizelarge
Growth61–73 cm
Weight45–60 kg
Age8–10 years
FCI breed grouppinschers and schnauzers, molossians, mountain and swiss cattle dogs
Bullmastiff Characteristics

Brief information

  • Balanced and very mature dog;
  • Not inclined to display unmotivated aggression;
  • Bullmastiffs are loyal dogs and true friends.


Bullmastiffs are large, calm and balanced dogs. They are not inclined to the manifestation of aggression and are distinguished by a peaceful character. This is an unflappable and even somewhat stiff breed.

Dogs of this breed do not tolerate neglect of themselves, especially from outsiders and strangers. It is believed that bullmastiffs are not prone to aggression and diligently avoid attacks. But if the dog decides that the person has come too close and his behavior may be dangerous for her, then she will attack. Moreover, it is almost impossible to escape from dogs of this breed. With its impressive mass and apparent sluggishness, the Bullmastiff is very agile and agile. His tactics deserve special attention: the dog knocks down the fleeing man and presses him to the ground, waiting for further instructions to act from the owner.

It may seem that with such data, the bullmastiff is an ideal guard. But it’s not. These dogs do not consider it their duty to protect things and objects – they are rather bodyguards. Bullmastiffs will zealously defend their owner in any situation that they think could be potentially dangerous to humans. At the same time, the dog bravely stands in front of the owner, closing him from possible aggression. But even in this situation, the Bullmastiff will try to maximize the distance, avoiding direct confrontation. True, if the dog nevertheless decides that there is a high probability of an attack on his master, he will attack first and, possibly, without warning.


Dogs of this breed are very loyal and are always ready to help all family members. But with small children it is still not recommended to leave them. The bullmastiff does not always get along easily with other animals and can fight for primacy with dogs.

Like any powerful dog, the Bullmastiff needs a firm master’s hand. This means that it is necessary to train and educate him from the age of 4 months. Moreover, the owner should take this issue very seriously. Any inappropriate behavior and manifestation of unreasonable aggression of a pet is the result of an inattentive attitude towards the dog on the part of the owner.

Bullmastiff Care

Bullmastiffs have a short, coarse coat that does not require special care. But due to the size of the dog, you should regularly check the paw pads and nails – they can wear out and hurt.

Conditions of detention

Bullmastiffs do not like to be active and play. This is the rare breed of dog that will lie down and rest if given the opportunity. Therefore, if you do not force them to be active, they will begin to gain weight.

Due to their nature, Bullmastiffs feel great in an apartment. But because of their impressive size, they require a lot of space.

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