Bulldog Campeiro
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Bulldog Campeiro

Characteristics of Bulldog Campeiro

Country of originBrazil
The sizeLarge
Growth48–58 cm
Weight35–45 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Bulldog Campeiro

Brief information

  • Devoted to the owner and family;
  • Great with children;
  • They require training.


The Campeiro Bulldog is a Brazilian dog breed. Its history dates back several hundred years, and the bulldogs of the old type, brought to the continent in the 16th century, are considered to be the ancestors.

In Brazil, the animals were adapted to local conditions and crossed with local dogs. This is how the campeiro bulldog appeared, which for several centuries helped shepherds. Interestingly, these dogs were especially popular in the south. Until the 1960s, the Campeiro bulldog was considered an exclusively working breed. However, already in the 1980s, his fate was in jeopardy. New breeds of shepherd dogs have dramatically supplanted the bulldog. But thanks to the efforts of the breeders from the Cãodomínio club, he still managed to be saved.

The Campeiro Bulldog is a serious and responsible dog. He loves to work and always tries to please the owner. Of course, if he raised the puppy correctly from childhood. Dogs of this breed need early socialization – at about 2-3 months old, it’s time to start introducing the puppy to the outside world. And a little later, from about five months, you can start training in a playful way. Serious education – for example, a general training course, is best entrusted to a professional dog handler.


It is believed that the campeiro bulldog is easy to learn and listens to the owner with pleasure. All this is true only if the dog recognized him as the leader of the “pack”, and for this the owner will have to try. Bulldog is a dog with a strong character, striving for leadership.

However, if he already understood and accepted the arrangement of roles in the family, you should not worry. A dog of this breed will become the most devoted and affectionate pet in the world, especially since it is very loyal to children. Running and playing with kids is one of the favorite activities of a fun campeiro. But parents should still be careful: a pet cannot always adequately calculate strength in a game with young children. Therefore, their communication should take place under the supervision of adults.

As for the animals in the house, the bulldog is rather phlegmatic in this matter. A calm and peaceful dog prefers to avoid open conflicts. And bullying representatives of the breed is extremely rare. However, if it comes to competition, the dog will stand to the last.

Bulldog Campeiro Care

The short, coarse coat of the Bulldog is easy to care for. The dog does not need to be bathed or brushed frequently . It is enough to wipe the pet once a week with a damp hand to remove the fallen hairs.

Conditions of detention

Like all bulldogs, Campeiro is prone to be overweight. Therefore, the most important thing in keeping such a pet is the quality and quantity of food offered to it. Choose a manufacturer in accordance with the recommendations of a veterinarian or breeder.

The campeiro bulldog is a rather active dog, although it will also not mind to lie quietly on the couch. He does not need intense loads, but weight pulling can be to his liking.

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Working Bulldog Campeiro

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