California shining cat
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California shining cat

Characteristics of California shining cat

Country of originUSA
Wool typeShorthair
Heightup to 30 cm
Weight5–8 kg
Age10–14 years old
California shining cat Characteristics

Brief information

  • Curious and smart cats;
  • Mini copy of a leopard;
  • They are distinguished by good health.


The California Shining cat looks like a leopard. Like the Savannah and Serengeti , this breed was specifically created as a “domestic predator”. The fact is that Hollywood screenwriter and playwright Paul Arnold Casey worked in Tanzania in the 1970s, where hundreds of leopards are killed by poachers every year. Paul was so impressed by this fact that he decided to develop a breed of domestic cats that would look like their wild relatives. He considered that people, having the opportunity to keep small leopards at home, would not kill wild predators for their fur.

The work on breeding the breed lasted long enough, American , Abyssinian , Siamese and British cats, Manx , as well as street cats of Egypt – Mau participated in the crossing . Finally, in 1985, the breeders reached their goal, and the new breed was introduced to the world.

The California Shining cat got its name due to the beauty of the coat, which seems to shine in the sun, and the breeding place – California.

Despite the fact that the breed is considered a copy of a wild cat, its character is not at all wild. On the contrary, these pets are affectionate, gentle and very sociable. True, there is one habit that makes them look like big predators: the California shining cat loves high places in the house. She will gladly spend half the day on the closet or on the refrigerator, watching what is happening in the house from the side, like a leopard in a tree. In addition, the California shining cat is quite active and playful. It is desirable to deal with a pet, otherwise the energy of the animal will be directed to the destruction of the apartment.

The shining cat is smart and intelligent. Of course, it will be very difficult to teach tricks to an independent pet, but breeders believe that this is quite possible. The main thing is to be patient.


Cats of this breed have another characteristic feature – a developed hunting instinct. Neighborhood with birds and rodents can be problematic. The same applies to dogs. Despite the sociability, the radiant cat is unlikely to tolerate a dog next to him. However, if the kitten grew up with the dog, the situation may be different: these two may well become inseparable friends.

The sociability and tenderness of the California shining cat is best seen in her attitude towards children: these pets are very loyal to kids. Representatives of this breed are not jealous, they quickly become attached to the family.

California shining cat Care

The California Shining Cat does not require much grooming. However, like all shorthaired cats, she needs weekly brushing with a soft massage brush. This procedure will help keep your pet’s skin healthy and coat soft. During the molting period, you can wipe the cat with a damp towel or just with your hand to ensure cleanliness in the apartment and rid your pet of fallen hairs.

Conditions of detention

The California Shining cat will make a great pet in a city apartment or a country house. But she needs walks outside. It is important to purchase a special harness for this . It is necessary to accustom a pet to it from childhood.

The California Shining cat is considered a healthy breed due to the mixing of blood. In addition, she is not prone to obesity. When choosing an industrial feed, be guided by the opinion of the breeder and veterinarian. Pet food should be of high quality, and the diet should be balanced.

California shining cat – Video

The Shining + My cat (HD)

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