York Chocolate
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York Chocolate

Characteristics of York Chocolate

Country of originUSA
Wool typeLonghair
Height30-40 cm
Weight5-9 kg
Age11-15 years old
York Chocolate Characteristics

Brief information

  • The York chocolate cat is a random selection result. She first appeared in 1983 in New York, when one of the kittens was born to a long-haired cat with a chocolate color;
  • These cats love attention, but they know how to be unobtrusive;
  • On the territory of Russia, Europe and the USA, they are very popular.


York chocolate is a descendant of ordinary cats. This is a wonderful friend who gets along well with people of the older generation, knows how to keep company in games with children. This cat is not characterized by aggression.

Individuals, both female and male, are able to skillfully adapt to the character of the owner. York chocolate cats are easy to educate due to the fact that they understand the intonation of the owner well and feel his mood.

As a rule, representatives of this breed are very energetic – they love to frolic with toys, they love when they play with them. They will be happy with the company of other pets, if they are in the family (the York cat gets along well with them). These cats quickly get used to dogs and do not show aggression towards them. However, on the first day a new tenant enters the house, the York Chocolate will definitely try to hide in a secluded place, such as behind a sofa or on a closet. After some time, she will realize that nothing threatens her, and will try to get to know each other.

When deciding to get a new pet, keep in mind that Yorkies are excellent mousers. And this means that decorative rats and mice will have to be kept away from them and always be on the alert, because it is pointless to fight the hunting instinct of a cat.


These cats quickly become attached to the owner, they love to get under the covers and on their knees. But the York chocolate is not one of those who brazenly demands affection, often she is just glad to be around and enjoys the company of a person.

York Chocolate Care

As with all long-haired animals, the chocolate cat needs regular grooming: it is recommended to brush it once a week with a brush. Bathing a cat should be as necessary, as representatives of this breed are usually afraid of water. If the York Chocolate often goes outside for a walk, bathing and combing should be done more often.

The energy of a chocolate cat needs to be released, and the muscles need to be trained. You have to play with it from time to time. Representatives of this breed do not tend to run away from the territory in search of adventure, but still the owner should keep the situation under control.

In terms of health, veterinarians call the York chocolate cat one of the most problem-free breeds. However, this does not eliminate the need to show the pet to doctors for prevention.

Conditions of detention

The size of the home doesn’t really matter. York chocolate cat is getting used to the new house and walks on the street. Nevertheless, experts recommend paying attention to the pet so that it is not too sad. If possible, walks should be taken periodically – two to three times a week is enough.

The York chocolate cat is a wonderful animal for both an ordinary apartment and a spacious country house.

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