Bluetick Coonhound
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Bluetick Coonhound

Characteristics of Bluetick Coonhound

Country of originUSA
The sizemedium, large
Growth11–12 years old
Weight53-69 cm
Age20–36 kg
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Bluetick Coonhound Chasticsr

Brief information

  • Smart, devoted;
  • industrious;
  • Proud.


The first hunting dogs came to the New World during colonization in the 18th century. There is a legend according to which all coonhounds – raccoon hounds – trace their ancestry from the pets of George Washington, foxhounds and French hounds. However, according to research, these dogs appeared in the US even before the first president was elected. And in their veins, in addition to the blood of French and English hunting dogs, the blood of Bloodhounds , Belgian hounds, flows.

Coonhounds are a large group of American hounds. It includes seven breeds, but only one is officially recognized by the International Cynological Federation – the black and tan coonhound.

The ancestors of the speckled blue coonhound, whose homeland is considered to be the state of Louisiana, are the large blue Gascon hound, as well as the American and English fox terriers.


The Mottled Blue Coonhound, like all dogs of this breed group, is extremely intelligent and loyal to its owner. However, it does not require constant attention from the owner. If he is busy, the pet will find something to his liking.

Intelligent Coonhounds do not trust strangers, are wary of contact with them and rarely get to know them first. In order for the dog to grow up sociable, the owner must socialize the puppy, educate him from an early age. If the owner has no training experience, you should contact a professional cynologist.

With proper upbringing, the speckled blue coonhound gets along well with children, but a lot also depends on the behavior of the child – the baby must know the rules for communicating with pets. A patient nanny from a kunhound is unlikely to succeed.

Well-developed hunting instincts make representatives of the breed not the best neighbors for small animals. But with relatives they get along easily and peacefully.

Bluetick Coonhound Care

Grooming the short coat of the Mottled Blue Coonhound is extremely easy. You need to comb it every week with a medium-hard brush or a rubber glove. In this way, you will remove the fallen hairs from the body of the animal. As a result, his coat will be shiny, and his appearance will be well-groomed.

We must also not forget about the hygiene of the teeth , ears and eyes of the pet. They are inspected weekly, washed and cleaned as needed.

Conditions of detention

The Mottled Blue Coonhound is a hunting dog. This should not be forgotten, because it determines the lifestyle and needs. The pet needs long exhausting walks. It is important to offer him not only running and fetching , but also various exercises for the development of agility, strength and speed.

It is considered optimal to keep a speckled blue coonhound in a private house outside the city. But even in the city, the dog will feel great if the owner can provide it with a sufficient level of exercise.

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