Bully Kutta
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Bully Kutta

Characteristics of Bully Kutta

Country of originIndia (Pakistan)
The sizeLarge
Growth81–91 cm
Weight68–77 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Bully Kutta Characteristics

Brief information

  • Another name for the breed is the Pakistani Mastiff;
  • Independent, independent, tend to dominate;
  • Calm, reasonable;
  • With the wrong upbringing, they can be aggressive.


Mastiff-like dogs lived on the territory of Pakistan and India in ancient times, which the locals used as protectors, guards and hunters. In the 17th century, with the beginning of the colonial conquest, the British began to bring bulldogs and mastiffs with them, which interbred with local dogs. As a result of such a union, the Bulli Kutta dog breed in its modern form appeared. By the way, in Hindi, “bulli” means “wrinkled”, and “kutta” means “dog”, that is, the name of the breed literally translates as “wrinkled dog”. This breed is also called the Pakistani Mastiff.

Bulli kutta is a brave, loyal and very powerful dog. She needs a strong hand and proper upbringing from early childhood. The owner of the dog must show her that he is the leader of the pack. Representatives of this breed almost always strive for dominance, which, coupled with their physical strength, can even be dangerous. Experts strongly recommend using the help of a professional dog handler when training a bully kutta .

A well-bred Pakistani Mastiff is a calm and balanced dog. She affectionately and reverently treats all members of the family, although there is still one leader for her. But, if the pet feels danger, he will stand up for his “flock” to the last. That is why representatives of the breed need early socialization. The dog should not overreact to passing cars, cyclists or animals.

The bully kutta is neutral to the neighborhood with other pets. A warm relationship will certainly arise if the puppy appears in a house where there are already animals. But you have to be very careful: by negligence, the dog can easily injure smaller neighbors.

Communication with children should always take place under the supervision of adults. If the birth of a child is planned in a family where there is a bully kutta, the dog must be prepared for the appearance of the baby.

Bully Kutta Care

The shorthaired Pakistani Mastiff does not require much grooming. It is enough to wipe the dog once a week with a damp towel or just with your hand to remove the fallen hairs. Bathing these giants is not accepted.

Nail trimming is recommended monthly .

Conditions of detention

Bulli kutta does not apply to dogs that can live in an apartment: for representatives of this breed, such conditions can be a difficult test. They need their own space and active daily walks, the duration of which should be at least 2-3 hours.

The Pakistani mastiff is suitable for keeping outside the city, in a private house. A free aviary and access to the yard for outdoor walks will make him truly happy.

Bully Kutta – Video

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