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Characteristics of Broholmer

Country of originDenmark
The sizeLarge
Growth65–75 cm
Weight40–70 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupPinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians, Mountain and Swiss Cattle Dogs
Broholmer Characteristics

Brief information

  • Devotees;
  • Calm, patient;
  • They are excellent with children.


The history of the Broholmer breed goes back hundreds of years. It began with mastiff-shaped dogs, which were brought to the territory of modern Denmark from Byzantium. They crossed with local dogs, as a result of this union, the direct ancestors of the Broholmers appeared.

By the way, the name “broholmer” comes from the Broholm castle. It is believed that it was in this estate that a purebred dog was first bred.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the Broholmer is his calmness, poise. And it is noticeable immediately, even without a close acquaintance with the dog. The whole appearance of the representatives of the breed suggests that this is a stately, strong and noble dog.

It is not surprising that the owner of a broholmer must be a person of character and a firm hand. Only such a leader can a dog trust. This is also important for the training process. Representatives of the breed are unlikely to listen to a soft and insecure person. In this case, the dog will take the lead. If the owner does not have enough experience, it is recommended to immediately contact a professional dog handler.


Broholmers do not trust strangers. With rare exceptions, the dog will be the first to make contact, and only if they are the owner’s friends. For this reason, representatives of the breed are excellent guards and defenders of the territory.

Despite their brutal and somewhat arrogant appearance, Broholmers make good and cheerful nannies. Many dogs of this breed love children and carefree games. But adults should be careful – leaving babies alone with a dog is not recommended: large animals can inadvertently injure a child.

Interestingly, Broholmers are absolutely non-conflict. They can also get along with cats. The dog rarely succumbs to provocations, so even the most capricious neighbor is unlikely to be able to piss her off.

Broholmer Care

Broholmer – the owner of a short thick coat. Once a week, the dog should be combed with a massage brush. During the molting period, the procedure is repeated 2-3 times a week.

It is very important to monitor the condition of the Broholmer’s ears. The special shape makes them a vulnerable place for the development of bacteria.

Conditions of detention

Broholmer can get along in an apartment, subject to sufficient physical activity. At least once a week, it is useful to take your pet out to nature so that he can warm up properly.

Broholmer, like any large dog, matures quite late. Therefore, in the first year of life, it is necessary to monitor the activity of the puppy: excessive loads can damage the joints.

Representatives of the breed are powerful, strong dogs. Violation of their diet can lead to obesity. Feed must be selected in accordance with the recommendation of a veterinarian or breeder.

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