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Characteristics of Kuvasz

Country of originHungary
The sizeLarge
Growth66–76 cm
Weight35–50 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupHerding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
Kuvasz Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm, balanced and patient dog;
  • Brave defender;
  • Devoted to the owner and needs his attention.


The ancestors of the kuvas, like the komondor , are ancient dogs that accompanied nomadic tribes back in the days of the great migration of peoples. Kuvasz served as a protector of the house and livestock. The very name of the breed comes from the Turkic word kavas, which means “soldier”, “guard”. The breed was highly valued in aristocratic circles and often accompanied the Hungarian royal family.

Today, kuvasz is increasingly acting as a companion, without ceasing to be a reliable guard for the whole family.

Kuvasz is a loyal and loyal dog with a calm disposition and balanced character. But, despite this, it must be trained and educated from an early age. The owner will have to be patient: pets of this breed are slow to perceive information and can show independence. However, this is easy to fix, you just have to find an approach to the dog. If the owner does not have training experience, experts recommend contacting professional cynologists . Kuvasz is a large and strong dog, and improper upbringing can lead to sad consequences.


Representatives of this breed are guards by nature, they are vigilant and always on the alert. They don’t like strangers very much. Enough time should pass for the kuvasz to begin to trust the new person.

It is important to note that a dog of this breed will never attack first unless exceptional circumstances require it. In moments of danger, she is able to make decisions independently.

Kuvasz is sociable, but unobtrusive. Although he requires attention, he will not follow the owner everywhere. You should never raise your voice to kuvas and even more so apply physical force to it. The dog is a reflection of its owner, with rough handling, the pet will become withdrawn and aggressive.

Kuvasz usually gets along well with other pets in the house, he is neutral towards his neighbors.

But kuvas loves children and will be happy to take part in their games. But do not leave the dog alone with the baby: a large and strong dog can accidentally injure the child.


The thick soft wool of Kuvasz must be combed twice a week with a massage brush. During the molting period, when hair loss is especially noticeable, the procedure must be carried out daily.

The coat does not need to be trimmed or trimmed, just combed out is enough.

Conditions of detention

Kuvasz is a freedom-loving dog. He can live in an apartment only if there is sufficient walking. The shepherd’s past makes itself felt: at home, the pet is calm, but on a walk with pleasure it splashes out all the accumulated energy.

Representatives of the breed are suitable for keeping in an aviary in a country house. The main thing is to let the pet out every day and give him the opportunity to run and stretch freely.

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