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Characteristics of Briard

Country of originFrance
The sizelarge
GrowthMales: 62–68 cm

Females: 56–64 cm
WeightMales: average 40 kg

Females: average 32 kg
Age13 years old
FCI breed groupherding and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs
Briard Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart dog that is easy to train;
  • Faithful and devoted friend;
  • The perfect guard.


Briards are powerful and large dogs. It is difficult to find a more devoted and faithful friend. For the sake of his master, the Briard is literally ready to move mountains. The owner should know: Briards are monogamous, they endlessly become attached to one person, they do not tolerate separation from him, they are able to yearn and can even get sick with a long absence of the owner. At the same time, in relation to the rest of the family, the Briar behaves patronizingly: he considers it his sacred duty to ensure their safety and does everything in his power to do this.

Dogs of this breed are reliable guards. The owner can be sure that outsiders will not be able to enter the territory of the briar unnoticed. Moreover, being located next to people, dogs of this breed are always looking for a place from where they can see all family members at the same time.

Despite their impressive size, Briards are incredibly good-natured. These dogs are not prone to displaying unmotivated aggression. They love small children very much, they treat them with reverence and patience, play with the kids with pleasure and allow them literally everything. Parents can be sure that the child can be safely left with this dog: the Briard will not allow any stranger to approach him.


In their family, Briards are very gentle and loving dogs. But when it comes to outsiders, they are unrecognizable. Dogs of this breed can hardly be called vindictive, but Briards cannot stand being teased. They remember their offenders and in relation to them can behave unrestrainedly and aggressively.

Briard Care

The owner of the briar should be prepared for the fact that animals of this breed have an independent character and make decisions based on their own observations of the situation. They are incredibly smart and even capable of going for a trick: they can deliberately track down the offender, choosing convenient places for this, and unexpectedly frighten him with their loud barking.

Briards get along well with cats and other animals, even if they did not grow up together. Problems can arise with other dogs, as dogs of this breed tend to dominate and will defend their right to leadership in every possible way.

Briards are highly trainable , easy to train , and are effective in positive behavioral reinforcement. In addition, in ordinary life, Briards are very observant and learn quickly. For example, they can open doors by purposefully pressing the handle.

Briards have a long, thin coat that is similar to that of a goat. These dogs should be brushed regularly . Otherwise, the wool falls off, and it becomes incredibly difficult to comb the resulting tangles.

In addition, grooming should be carried out every one and a half months.

Briards love the water and enjoy bathing and swimming. But it is important that by the time of bathing the coat is combed. Otherwise, the tangles will not dry properly, and then the dog may begin to become very irritated on the skin.

Conditions of detention

Due to their impressive size, the Briard feels very uncomfortable in a confined space. Dogs of this breed need space. Best of all, they feel outside the city. At the same time, they will be happy to live all year round in a street booth equipped for them.

Until old age, these dogs love to play and run. Therefore, the owner should make sure that the briar has something to do with himself.

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