Cao de Castro Laboreiro
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Cao de Castro Laboreiro

Characteristics of Cao de Castro Laboreiro

Country of originPortugal
The sizemedium, large
Growth55–65 cm
Weight24–40 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupPinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians, Mountain and Swiss Cattle Dogs
Cao de Castro Laboreiro Characteristics

Brief information

  • Other names for this breed are the Portuguese Cattle Dog and the Portuguese Watchdog;
  • Obedient companion for the whole family;
  • Universal service breed.


The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is an ancient breed of dog. It owes its origin to the Asian group of Molossians who came to Europe with the Romans.

The name of the breed literally translates as “dog from Castro Laboreiro” – a mountainous area in northern Portugal. For a long time, due to the inaccessibility of these places, the breed developed independently, with little or no human intervention.

Seriously, professional cynologists took up the selection of shepherd dogs only in the 20th century. The first standard was adopted by the Portuguese Kennel Club in 1935 and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1955.


Cao de castro laboreiro have several names that correspond to their occupation: they are shepherd’s assistants, guards of the house and protectors of livestock. However, such a variety of roles is not surprising. These strong, courageous and selfless dogs are ready to stand up for themselves and for the territory entrusted to them. What to say about family members! These dogs are loyal and devoted to their owner.

In the house, the Portuguese watchdog is a calm and balanced pet. Representatives of the breed rarely bark and generally rarely show emotions. Serious animals require a respectful attitude.

They are trained quite easily: they are attentive and obedient pets. With a dog, you must definitely go through a general training course (OKD) and protective guard duty.

With children, the Portuguese Cattle Dog is affectionate and gentle. She understands that in front of her is a small master who cannot be offended. And, rest assured, she will not give it to anyone as an insult.

Like many large dogs, Cao de Castro Laboreiro is condescending towards animals living with her in the same house. It is worth noting especially her wisdom. She rarely enters into open conflict – only as a last resort if the neighbor turns out to be cocky and aggressive.

Cao de Castro Laboreiro Care

The coat of the Portuguese Watch Sheds twice a year. In winter, the undercoat becomes denser, thicker. To remove loose hair, the dog needs to be brushed a couple of times a week with a furminator.

Hanging ears should be inspected and cleaned weekly, especially during the cold season. Dogs with this type of ear are more prone to otitis and similar diseases than others.

Conditions of detention

Today, the Portuguese Guard Dog is often adopted as a companion by people living in the city. In this case, the pet must be provided with a sufficient amount of physical activity. You should walk your dog two to three times a day. At the same time, once a week it is advisable to get out with her into nature – for example, into a forest or a park.

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