Épagneul Breton
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Épagneul Breton

Characteristics of Épagneul Breton

Country of originFrance
The sizeAverage
Growth43-53 cm
Weight14–18 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupTerriers
Épagneul Breton Characteristics

Brief information

  • Open, devoted, sympathetic;
  • Other breed names are Breton and Breton Spaniel;
  • Obedient, highly trainable.


The Brittany Spaniel, also known as the Breton Spaniel and Breton Spaniel, officially appeared in France in the 19th century, but images of dogs that look like it date back to the 17th century. The Breton’s ancestors are considered to be the English Setter and small spaniels.

Bred specifically for hunting small game and birds, the Breton was especially popular with poachers. All thanks to the unconditional obedience and performance of the dog.

The Breton Spaniel belongs to one owner, who is everything to him. This affects not only his character, but also the methods of work. Breton never goes far from the hunter and is always in sight.

Today, the Breton Spaniel is often kept as a companion. Representatives of this breed are strongly attached to the family, they need constant communication with people. Therefore, leaving your pet unattended for a long time is not recommended. Alone, the dog begins to get nervous and yearn.


One of the best qualities of Spaniel is obedience. Dog training starts early, from two months, but full-fledged training at this age, of course, is not carried out. Breeders work with puppies in a playful way. Real training begins only at 7-8 months. If the owner does not have much experience in communicating with animals, it is advisable to entrust this to a professional , despite the fact that the spaniel is a very attentive and responsible student.

Breton Spaniel at first glance seems quite restrained and not too emotional. But it is not so. With distrust, the dog only treats strangers. As soon as she gets to know the “interlocutor” closer, there is no trace of deliberate coldness, and she openly accepts new people.

Breton Spaniel will definitely get along with children. Smart dogs play gently with toddlers and can tolerate their antics.

With animals in the house, representatives of this breed most often develop relationships normally. Problems can only be with birds, but this is rare.


The thick coat of the Breton Spaniel is easy to care for. It is enough to comb the dog once a week , thus removing the fallen hairs. During the molting period, the animal is combed out a couple of times a week with a massage brush.

Bathe the dog as it gets dirty, but not too often. The Breton coat is covered with a fatty layer that protects it from getting wet.

Conditions of detention

The Breton Spaniel is suitable for the role of a city dweller, he feels great in an apartment. At the same time, it is important to walk the dog two to three times a day, providing it with a proper load. In addition, it is advisable to take your pet to the forest or to nature so that he can properly run and play in the fresh air.

Particular attention is paid to the nutrition of the pet. Like spaniels, these stocky dogs tend to be overweight, so it’s important to control their diet and portion sizes.

Épagneul Breton – Video

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