English Mastiff
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English Mastiff

Characteristics of English Mastiff

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizelarge
Growth77–79 cm
Weight70–90 kg
Age8–10 years
FCI breed groupPinschers and schnauzers, molossians, mountain and swiss cattle dogs
English Mastiff Characteristics

Brief information

  • for comfortable socialization, these dogs need proper education;
  • once it was a ferocious and cruel dog that easily coped with predators, but over time the mastiff turned into an intelligent, calm and balanced pet;
  • Alexander the Great used as assistants for his army 50 thousand mastiff-like dogs, which were dressed in armor and fought with the Persians.


Despite the formidable appearance, the English mastiff is not distinguished by ferocity, cruelty and intolerance towards strangers. On the contrary, this is a very balanced and calm dog that will never rush to fulfill the owner’s order without weighing all the pros and cons. Because of this trait, training problems often arise : representatives of this breed are very stubborn, and their obedience can only be achieved by earning trust. But, if teaching commands will seem boring to the dog, nothing will make her perform them. Since this is a large and serious dog, it must be trained. 

It is also impossible to forget about the educational process, for this breed it is necessary. Thus, a well-bred English mastiff will easily get along with the whole family, including children, and will live in peace with other animals. But when communicating with a pet with very young children, the situation must be controlled. This is a rather large dog, and it can unwittingly injure a child.


Mastiff does not like active and outdoor games, as well as long walks. He is rather slow and passive. A short walk is enough for a pet of this breed. At the same time, he does not tolerate heat well, and therefore in the warm season it is better to walk him early in the morning and late in the evening. The English mastiff does not like being forced to walk, so if during the walk the animal has lost interest in it, you can safely turn around and go home.

Representatives of this breed behave perfectly on the street: they do not panic and never bark for no reason, and if they do not like something (for example, loud noise or fuss), they simply move away. In addition, this dog perfectly feels the mood of the owner, adapts to him, but she herself needs reciprocal understanding and attention from him.

English Mastiff Care

Although Mastiffs are short-haired dogs, they shed quite a lot, so brushing them daily with a quality rubber brush and massage glove is recommended. Given the size of the pet, this process takes a long time. It is recommended to wash it as it gets dirty, but not too often – on average, once every six months.

It is also worth monitoring the ears and eyes of the dog and, if necessary, wipe them with a cotton pad dipped in water or a special solution. Twice a week it is recommended to wipe the folds on the muzzle with a wet soft cloth.

Mastiffs are characterized by abundant salivation, so the owner should always have a soft cloth handy to wipe the animal’s face and mouth from time to time. Firstly, it will save the furniture, and secondly, an excessive amount of saliva contributes to the spread of bacteria.

Conditions of detention

Due to their large size, dogs of this breed live in a city apartment, which is why the ideal place to live for them is a country house.

English Mastiff – Video


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