American Tundra Shepherd
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American Tundra Shepherd

Characteristics of American Tundra Shepherd

Country of originAmerica
The sizeLarge
Growth73–78 cm
Weight38–49 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
American Tundra Shepherd

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • Excellent guards and watchman;
  • Willful and stubborn.

Origin story

The American Tundra Shepherd is the “child” of a government experiment. The US military department wanted to get a dog for official purposes – a universal soldier – strong, hardy, fearless, vicious. For these purposes, it was proposed to cross german shepherd with the tundra wolf. Selection work began, female German shepherds were crossed with young males of the tundra wolf, tamed by man. But in the end the project was closed. The official version is due to the fact that the hybrids of the shepherd and the wolf turned out to be absolutely non-aggressive and stupid, poorly trained (which, I must say, raises some doubts, because, firstly, both progenitors are distinguished by their natural intelligence, and secondly, mestizo wolves are recognized dangerous precisely because of the possible manifestations of aggression, for example, in Russia). 

And if it were not for civilian cynologists, then the world would not have seen these beautiful animals at all. But they continued to breed American Tundra Shepherds, and as a result, an excellent multifunctional breed appeared – both a watchman, and a security guard, and a shepherd, and a search engine, and a rescuer. And even a companion. Now the breed is very popular in the United States, IFF she is not recognized.


The American Tundra Shepherd is the most similar to a sheepdog. And also – on a good-natured wolf. Quite large erect ears, strong, strong paws, fluffy saber tail. The body is strong, strong, but at the same time without the massiveness inherent in wolves. Color can be wolf, gray, black and tan and pure black.


For such a serious dog, early socialization. It needs to be dealt with seriously – an inexperienced person cannot cope, it will take cynologist. At the same time, dogs have a very developed guard instinct, which makes them distrustful of strangers. Some cynologists do not even undertake the training of this breed. Wolf Shepherds are very smart, but quite stubborn and self-willed. But then, when the pet knows all the basic commands and follow them, the owner will receive an excellent defender and friend.

American Tundra Shepherd Care

The breed has excellent health inherited from its ancestors. Therefore, caring for the American Tundra Shepherd is not difficult at all. If necessary, treat the eyes ears and claws. Dogs have a very thick coat with a pronounced undercoat, so they need regular grooming combing out especially during the molting season. But wash the animal is needed only as needed. Due to the thick coat, the dog will not dry out quickly, which can lead to colds.

Conditions of detention

An ideal place for the life of an American tundra dog would be a country house. These animals are strong, hardy, active, they need their own territory, where they can freely frolic. Of course, you can keep this breed in the city. But in urban conditions it is quite difficult to provide the necessary activity. You will have to walk your pet for at least 2 hours daily, and it is desirable that during the walk the dog can dump the accumulated energy.


You can buy an American Tundra Shepherd puppy only in the birthplace of the breed. Outside the United States, the breed is not found at all. We can say that they are not going to engage in its breeding in Europe, since the selection work has not been fully completed even at home. For this reason, in addition to the cost of the puppy itself, one should take into account the mandatory costs of paperwork and transportation of the dog from overseas. It is impossible to name the exact amount even approximately, since the initial price of the puppy is agreed with the breeder. According to the latest data, the minimum cost of a dog starts at $500.

American Tundra Shepherd – Video

American Tundra Shepherd puppy, Jack, at four months working his ground and pound.

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