Alaskan Husky
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Alaskan Husky

Characteristics of Alaskan Husky

Country of originUSA
The sizeAverage
Growth59-66 cm
Weight16–27 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Alaskan Husky

Brief information

  • Suitable for the active owner;
  • Smart but stubborn;
  • Playful, get along well with children of school age.


The Alaskan Husky is not recognized by the International Cynological Federation , however, it is a rather ancient breed, the history of which is inextricably linked with the development of Alaska. The first dogs appeared in the North along with the Eskimo tribes about four and a half thousand years ago.

With the help of genetic analysis, it was found that the Alaskan Husky is the closest relative of the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. True, unlike his relatives, he developed haphazardly, for the most part in villages and villages.

Today, fans of the breed not only fight for its recognition, but also care about the performance of the dogs. They are crossed with Pointers, Sheepdogs, and even Salukis .

The efforts of breeders are not in vain. The Alaskan Husky is a true service dog that still competes in winter sports and is a great companion for active people.

Like the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Husky is incredibly energetic and agile. He cannot sit still. And the owner must be ready for this: the dog will require 100% attention and a lot of free time. Otherwise, her character will deteriorate, and as a result, the pet may become uncontrollable. And it will manifest itself in damaged furniture, clothes and shoes.


In addition, the Alaskan Husky can demonstrate independence and perseverance in achieving a goal. Alas, this is not always a positive trait of character. For example, in the process of training. If the pet is not interested, he will quickly get bored and, most likely, will not follow even the simplest commands. Yes, and dealing with huskies is not so easy. A beginner can hardly cope with raising such a wayward pet. So it is better for an owner without experience to immediately turn to a professional dog handler.

The Alaskan Husky gets along best with school-age children. Joint games on the street, active entertainment – all this brings the dog and the younger members of the family together. But it is better not to leave a pet alone with small children so that it does not accidentally injure the child.

The situation when a baby appears in the house deserves special attention. It is important to make it clear to the dog that this is not a competitor, but a member of the family. Then the dog will not try to draw attention to itself and return the love of the “leader”.

With animals in the apartment, the Alaskan Husky easily finds a common language. They are sociable and open dogs.

Alaskan Husky Care

The thick coat of the Alaskan Husky should be combed every week, and during the molting period – in the fall and spring, this procedure must be carried out twice a week.

Conditions of detention

The Alaskan Husky can live in a city apartment, but the owner will have to make an effort to provide him with a sufficient level of exercise. It is necessary to walk with the dog at least 2-3 hours a day, offer her games, fetching , running. The best option is winter sports – for example, sled racing or skipulling.

Alaskan Husky – Video

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