American Bandog
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American Bandog

Characteristics of American Bandog

Country of originUSA
The sizeLarge
Growth60–70 cm
Weight40–60 kg
Ageabout 10 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
American Bandog

Brief information

  • Active and energetic;
  • Need an experienced owner;
  • They have excellent protective qualities.


The name of the breed “bandog” originated in the XIV century, when the British – the owners of mastiff-like dogs – kept pets as guards on a chain. Literally from English , bandog is translated as “dog on a leash”: band is “leash, rope”, and dog is “dog”.

In their modern form, bandogs appeared not so long ago – in the second half of the 20th century. The breed originated from a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier , the Staffordshire Terrier , and the Neapolitan Mastiff . The breeders wanted to get the perfect fighting dog – as huge as a mastiff and bloodthirsty as a pit bull. However, in reality, the American bandog is quite different from its ancestors.

By the way, it is necessary to raise an American bandog puppy immediately, from the moment he appears in the house, otherwise an independent dog will decide to try on the role of the leader of the pack. If there is little or no experience, then you can’t do without a cynologist. Remember that early socialization is essential for puppies , and the owner must carefully monitor the process of introducing the pet to the outside world.

Bandog is a dog of one owner, although it will certainly get along well with all family members. True, you should not expect recognition, affection and emotions from him, since this dog is not inclined to demonstrate his feelings and moods.

Interestingly, the bandog treats other animals in the house quite condescendingly. If the puppy grew up next to them, then it is very likely that the neighbors will be friends. The American bandog is loyal to the children, but you should not count on the dog as a nanny: it is unlikely that the bandog will endure children’s games, laughter and pranks for a long time.

American Bandog Care

The American Bandog has a short coat that is easy to care for. It does not need to be thoroughly combed out, it is enough to hold it with a damp hand or a towel to remove the fallen hairs. The most active period of molting is observed, like in many dogs, in spring and autumn. At this time, it is worth wiping your pet more often. It is also important to monitor the health of the ears, teeth and claws of your pet.

Conditions of detention

The American Bandog is not a decorative dog, and it will be difficult for him to live in the city. The best option is a private house outside the city. Moreover, despite the name of the breed, a dog cannot be kept on a leash – it is necessary to build an insulated aviary for it . These animals do not tolerate low temperatures very well.

American Bandog – Video

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