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Characteristics of Tazy

Country of originKazakhstan
The sizeAverage
Growth60–70 cm
Weight20–23 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Tazy Characteristics

Brief information

  • Rare breed;
  • Independent and independent dogs;
  • There are smooth-haired and long-haired;
  • Another name is the Kazakh greyhound.


Tazy is a very ancient breed. Its progenitors are the dogs of Ancient Egypt and the Saluki – the Arabian Greyhound. It is believed that the Tazy appeared on the territory of Kazakhstan more than seven thousand years ago. These dogs were the real value of the owners: a purebred thoroughbred dog cost more than fifty horses or a couple of camels. Basins helped not only in hunting, but also in everyday life. History knows many cases when a dog saved a family from starvation. Pets were respected, revered and loved. Tazy could easily enter the yurt, she had her own place in the house.

By the way, the name “tazy” came from the Persian language and literally translates as “swift”, “dexterous”.

Today, the Tazy is considered a fairly rare breed. There are about 300 individuals in the world. Mostly dogs are distributed in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

At first glance, the Tazy inspires respect – it is a calm and majestic dog. She treats her master warmly and tenderly, but cold and indifferent to strangers. Tazy are so independent that they are unlikely to follow the owner everywhere.


This dog knows his own worth. Most likely, she will prefer to observe what is happening from the side, settling in her place.

Tazy are unsurpassed hunters in the steppe and mountainous areas. The breed is still valued today for these qualities: animals work not only in a flock, but also in tandem with birds of prey.

Particular attention should be paid to taza training , because dogs are quite independent and have their own opinion on everything. The training of these pets should include moving and “hunting” exercises. It is best to entrust education to professionals , even if it is planned to keep Tazy as a companion.

Representatives of the breed are very good with children, but leaving the dog alone with the kids is still not recommended. Tazy gets along well with animals: it is a friendly and sociable dog.

Tazy Care

Tazy need weekly brushing and brushing . We must not forget about cutting the claws . During the shedding period, comb the coat more often – two to three times a week.

Conditions of detention

Tazy will do best in rural areas where there is space for running and playing. However, if the owner is able to provide the dog with the physical activity it needs, the pet will be happy in the city. The main rule for keeping tazy is daily walks and long distance runs, up to several tens of kilometers. That is why dogs of this breed are ideal for active and energetic people.

On a walk, the basins must be kept on a leash: the hunting instinct can play a cruel joke with the animal. A pet that is carried away by a neighbor’s cat can easily get lost.

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