Swedish Vallhund
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Swedish Vallhund

Characteristics of Swedish Vallhund

Country of originSweden
The sizesmall
Growth30-35 cm
Weight9-14 kg
Age12-14 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and primitive breeds
Swedish Vallhund Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart, energetic;
  • Independent, cheerful;
  • Sports.

Origin story

Cynologists did not come to a consensus: according to one version, the Vallhunds were brought to Britain by the Vikings from the southern Swedish provinces of Vestra Gotaland and Skåne, where cattle breeding had been developed since ancient times, and then the Swedish dogs remained in their original form, and the British brought welsh corgi; according to another version, it is exactly the opposite: Welsh Corgis were brought to Sweden, and the Vallhunds descended from them.

Indeed, there are similarities. And, by the way, short-tailed and tailless puppies are not uncommon in Walhund litters. That’s just the color of the Swedish shepherd dogs wolf, not as elegant as the British.

These dogs were once used as shepherds, they guarded houses and cattle, were considered excellent rat-catchers, and attacking in a pack, they drove away both predators and thieves. But with the development of technological progress, the need for working dogs almost disappeared, and by the forties of the last century, the breed was on the verge of extinction. The Swedish Kennel Club and specifically the breeders Bjorn von Rosen and K.G. IFF.

Valhunds cannot be called a fashionable and popular breed, but the number of fans of these dogs is growing, they are bred not only in Sweden, but also in many European countries, as well as in Canada and the USA.


Dog with short legs, strong build. The length of the body is related to the height at the withers as 2:3. The neck, back, paws are muscular, the ears are erect, of medium size. The jaws are well developed. The length of the tail can be any – from a “pompom” on the croup to a full-fledged “saber”.

The coat is of medium length, dense, rather hard, with a thick and soft undercoat. On the chest and neck a little longer, behind – “panties”. The color is wolf, various shades of gray, reddishness and white marks on the chest, abdomen, paws, as well as an “asterisk” on the forehead are allowed. Despite its small size, it looks like a serious working dog.


savvy, easily trained Walhunds are very energetic. If their energy is not directed in a peaceful direction, then the dogs themselves will find entertainment for themselves, and it is not a fact that the owners will be happy with the results. Alternatively, classes agility or other dog sports.

Despite their short legs, these dogs are great jumpers and will happily and tirelessly run alongside their owners on a bike ride. They get along well with other pets and are excellent companions. By the way, the Walhunds do not take courage: they can easily drive away an enemy much larger than themselves.

Swedish Vallhund Care

The dense, rather hard coat gets dirty a little and is easily self-cleaning, so this dog will not cause any difficulties in grooming, comb out and bathe need it as needed. The Walchunds endure the cold without problems, but in the city a light waterproof overall will not hurt, protecting from the reagents that are sprinkled on the roads.

Conditions of detention

Dogs can live both outside the city and, thanks to their compact size, in apartments, the main thing is to give them enough physical activity. They also love company. Cheerful, cheerful animals do not tolerate loneliness and cramped enclosed space. Therefore, if the owner’s lifestyle suggests that the dog will sit alone all day, then a good solution is to get two Walhunds at once!


Valhunds in Russia are considered a rare breed, and it is quite difficult to find a puppy from domestic breeders. But in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, you can always choose a baby in nurseries. Prices range from 200 to 1000 euros, plus shipping costs.

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