Swedish Lapphund
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Swedish Lapphund

Characteristics of Swedish Lapphund

Country of originSweden
The sizeSmall
Growth43-48 cm
Weight16–18 kg
Age11–13 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Swedish Lapphund Charstics

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • funny;
  • Stubborn;
  • Energetic.

Origin story

Lapphund is the oldest breed in Scandinavia and one of the oldest in the world, according to experts. Lapphund is a direct descendant of the ancient Northern Spitz. Spitz accompanied nomadic tribes, guarding property and livestock; then they were used for hunting, grazing deer, even harnessed to teams. Dogs were valued for their endurance, unpretentiousness and sonorous barking, which scared away predators and helped manage herds. Black and black and tan dogs were valued, clearly visible on the ground, two dewclaws on the hind legs were considered a plus, which helped to run in the snow.

There were two varieties of Lapphunds – short-haired and long-haired, which is confirmed by drawings and chronicles. Short-haired ones were valued more, considering them faster, and fluffy tails were stopped for long-haired ones so that they would not freeze to the back and sides, preventing the animal from running. According to cynologists, it was dogs with long hair that stood at the origins of the breed. And also, if you believe the ancient legends of the Sami, Lapphunds are intermediaries between people and the other world.

Like many other breeds, Lapphunds almost disappeared at the beginning of the last century. The restoration of a unique national breed began in the 30s with the support of the king of the country. In 1944, the breed standard was approved, and IFF recognition she received in 1955.


The Swedish Lapphund is a fine, smaller than average dog with a recognizable Spitz conformation. “Smiling” muzzle, ears are small, erect, triangular, the tips are rounded. Dewclaws are not considered a defect. The tail is set high, in a ringlet, in the long-haired variety it is well pubescent.

The coat is thick, fluffy, with an undercoat, wavy or curly, feathering, “panties”, collar. There are Lapphunds with short hair, it is also very thick. Color can be any, but more than 90% of the representatives of the breed are black or black and tan dogs.


Funny dogs, very athletic, active participants in all kinds of competitions. They will tirelessly cut circles around the territory, bring toys, pull the ropes. Very sociable, get along well with other animals. But we should not forget that this fluffy bun is not a decorative dog: in case of danger, sharp teeth, an instant reaction, and a fearless character will suddenly appear. A pair of such pets is an excellent protection of the owner’s property in a country house. In urban areas, in addition to the need to walk a lot and load the dog with work, barking can be a problem. Lapphunds have been encouraged for many centuries for their sonorous yelping, this is already genetically incorporated into the breed. The owners of these Spitz quickly become “linguists” – barking can be disturbing, cheerful, joyful, angry, with shades of bewilderment, confusion.

Swedish Lapphund Care

Ears, eyes and claws should be processed as needed. The main care is for wool. In order for the pet to please the eye with a shiny fluffy coat, it is required at least once a week (if necessary and during the molting period – more often) comb out dirt and dead hairs with a special brush. The procedure is conditionally pleasant, so the animal should be accustomed to it from puppyhood.

Bathing is not required, combing is usually sufficient. There is a nuance – the Lappland Spitz feels great during frosts, but in cold rainy weather it is advisable to wear a raincoat, since a very wet coat will dry for a very long time due to its density.

Conditions of detention

Lapphunds are initially strong, healthy dogs. They need both physical and mental stress, so that there is somewhere to apply strength and energy. A dog can live perfectly in a city apartment – provided that they walk with him for at least a couple of hours a day, and take him to classes on weekends. These mobile animals are not suitable for people who prefer to relax on the sofa watching TV to all entertainment, as well as for those who are busy at work from morning to night.

Of course, it is best for Lapland Spitz to live in a country house with a plot. There they will be able to run and frolic from the heart, and do not forget that these dogs are excellent watchmen. It is ideal if there are two Spitz or if there is another friendly dog ​​in the family.


Finding a Swedish Lapphund puppy in Russia is quite difficult. But in the Scandinavian countries there are many nurseries where this breed is bred, and you can write off and buy a baby. The price of a Lapland Spitz will be 400-880 euros.

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