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Characteristics of Sloughi

Country of originMorocco
The sizeLarge
Growth61–72 cm
Weight18–28 kg
Age12–16 years old
FCI breed groupGreyhounds
Sloughi Characteristics

Brief information

  • Independent;
  • hardy;
  • Very attached to the owner.

Origin story

This breed is very old. It is believed that the first Sloughi appeared as early as 7 thousand years BC in Tunisia, at least, it is their scientists who see them in the rock paintings. Among the burials in Egypt, even the mummies of these dogs were found, but these discoveries belong to a less ancient period – about 1 thousand years BC. In general, the Bedouin, one of the tribes of North Africa, had the greatest influence on the breed. It was the greyhounds living in their tents that were first described by a European who visited Algeria in 1835. According to him, the Sloughies were not kept as service dogs, but lived as family members.

The first representatives of the breed came to Europe only at the beginning of the 20th century, but, like many other dogs, the population almost completely disappeared after World War II, when dog breeding itself was under threat. Sloughi was brought back to Europe from North Africa in the 1960s. But due to the ban on hunting with greyhounds, even in the original territories, the breed was endangered. Despite the efforts of cynologists, in the 70s there were only 210 purebred Sloughi in the world. To date, the situation is being corrected, but the breed still remains very rare.


These greyhounds have well-developed muscles, the body itself looks very graceful, slender. Slyuggi are owners of a refined profile: the head of a greyhound is elongated, with a large nose, medium-sized hanging triangular ears and expressive eyes. The look of the Sloughi is amazing: these dogs look at the world a little thoughtfully, melancholy and very softly.

Sloughi has very thin skin, under which the relief of muscles is perfectly visible. The short and smooth coat is usually light sandy to reddish in color. All shades of red may be diluted with a black mask or brindle, but white spots are not allowed, except for a small mark on the chest.

Sloughi Character

Accustomed to an ascetic life in the desert, Sloughi are very hardy. Their sophisticated, graceful appearance is deceptive. They are excellent hunters and watchdogs. During the rut, representatives of the breed are able to develop unprecedented speed.

The character of the Sloughi is independent, with a temper, but with the owner they choose, these pets may even have an emotional connection. Sloughies are very attached to a particular person – however, they will not express their joy excessively. These dogs will indicate the happiness of the meeting simply by waving their tails in greeting. If for some reason there is a change of ownership, this is the strongest stress for the Sloughi.

This breed is very silent. Dogs treat strangers with pronounced distrust – perhaps, of all the greyhounds, it is the Sloughies that are most suspicious of strangers. Sloughi will only obey the owner, but other family members will be treated kindly, considering themselves part of the team.


The short coat of these greyhounds does not require special care. But still, one or two times a week it is necessary to comb out the slyuggi with a fine comb or brush. Bathe this breed only if necessary. It is better to use dry shampoo or you can simply wipe the coat with a damp cloth. The rest of the care for the Sloughi is standard – follow the hygiene of the teeth , ears and eyes.

Conditions of detention

Do not forget that Sloughi is an Arabian Greyhound. Representatives of the breed cannot live in small enclosed spaces. The ideal place for a Sloughi would be a country house with a large fenced area where the dog can run around.

But Sloughi will also be able to live in an apartment. True, this is one of the most frisky breeds, so in the city you need to walk a greyhound for at least an hour in the morning and evening, not forgetting about physical activity. By the way, Sloughi will be an excellent partner for jogging.

This breed is very sensitive to negative relationships in the family – a nervous environment can lead the animal to stress. Sloughi is perfect for families with children, especially those who are no longer toddlers, for whom she will be a great companion for play. Dogs of this breed will also be able to get along with other pets, but only if they grew up together.


The breed is not among the most common in the European part. If you decide to get a Sloughi, it is worth considering that there may be a queue for a puppy; besides, you have to look carefully. The price range for this breed is in the range of 500-1100$.

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