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Characteristics of Weimaraner

Country of originGermany
The sizeLarge
Growth57–70 cm
Weight25–40 kg
Ageabout 12 years old
FCI breed groupcops
Weimaraner Characteristics

Brief information

  • Noble and intelligent dog;
  • Strongly attached to the owner;
  • Can be capricious and show a difficult character.


Weimaraner is a German dog breed; the place of origin of these cops is the city of Weimar, which is reflected in the name. It was here that the breed was created in the 19th century. By the way, the locals themselves also call it the “silver ghost” for the beauty of silver-gray wool and the piercing gaze of amber eyes. It is not known for certain who is the progenitor of the Weimar cop. However, scientists suggest that the Weimaraner is descended from European bracken – cops, who in the Middle Ages helped people in catching wild boars, deer, bears and other large animals. The Weimaraner also belongs to the group of hunting dog breeds and is famous for its physical and intellectual qualities in this matter.

The Weimar Hound has a complex character. She is very attached to the person and family and will follow her master everywhere. Weimaraner requires attention and affection. If for some reason the dog is not given enough time, its character begins to deteriorate: the pet becomes withdrawn, irritable and capricious.


The Weimaraner is quite sensitive. When raising a dog, you can not raise your voice and strongly scold her – such behavior will only push the pet away. Representatives of the breed love training, they are curious and will always be happy to learn new commands .

Weimar cops are highly valued for their hunting and guarding qualities. Even as a companion, the dog will perfectly cope with the role of a watchman. He is distrustful of strangers and will always loudly notify the owners of the arrival of guests.

Despite the wayward nature, the Weimaraner is not aggressive and will not get angry without a reason. He treats children warmly and with understanding, allowing kids any pranks. He will gladly play and entertain them. Representatives of this breed get along well with animals, however, contact cannot always be established with rabbits, rodents and birds: after all, the hunting instincts of the dog are quite strong.

Weimaraner Care

Grooming for a Weimaraner depends on the dog’s coat type. Of course, long-haired representatives require more attention. In particular, a pet needs to be combed with a massage brush a couple of times a week , and daily during the molting period. In addition, it is advisable to bathe pets with long hair once every two months. Short-haired representatives of the breed also require combing and bathing, but a little less often.

Conditions of detention

Weimaraner refers to the pointing, hunting dogs. This means that for a fulfilling life, he needs many hours of walks, including intensive running over long distances. A dog can live in a city apartment, but only if the owner is able to provide it with physical activity. Still, a truly happy Weimaraner will be in a private home. But he cannot live on a leash or in an aviary, as he badly needs his own space.

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