Slovak Cuvac (Slovenský čuvač)
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Slovak Cuvac (Slovenský čuvač)

Characteristics of Slovak Cuvac

Country of originSlovakia
The sizeLarge
Growth55–70 cm
Weight30–45 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupShepherd and cattle dogs
Slovak Cuvac Characteristics

Brief information

  • Throughout the world, the breed is actively used as a watchdog, and in the United States also as a service dog. Initially, the Slovak Chuvach was a shepherd dog;
  • The Slovak Chuvach has very well developed training abilities, but a dog created to “lead” the herd needs an authoritative owner. Then she will gladly show her talent for learning.


In the ancestors of the Slovak Chuvach, scientists have discovered a polar arctic wolf. A large strong beast with white hair lived in the Balkans, in the Alps, in the Tatras. By the way, another name for the breed is the Tatra Chuvach. It is outdated, the name was abandoned when the official breed standard was set in 1964.

“Chuvat” in Slovak means “hear”. Delicate hearing and sense of smell are the distinguishing qualities of this breed. For several centuries in a row, these dogs have been fearless comrades of farmers, protecting herds of sheep from wild animals. Slovak Chuvachs quickly recognized the approach of a predator. And today, acute hearing, combined with developed security abilities, makes the Slovak dude an excellent family “bodyguard”.

For centuries, these dogs have been valued for their courage, they were the first to rush into battle with a bear or a wolf. If one of the owners needs protection, the dude will intercede without hesitation. He is ready to serve his family members all his life and will be happy to play with children, protect them, support pranks. However, it is important to explain to children that the patience of a big and kind dog should not be abused.


There are only two difficulties in raising this dog. The first is her distrust of strangers. So that it does not turn into a problem, the puppy must be taught early to the society of people of different ages and sexes.

The second difficulty is that this dog was bred as a true leader of the flock, so its ability to quickly understand commands does not mean at all that it will immediately obey anyone. The training of the Slovak Chuvach requires experience and perseverance.

Slovak čuvač Care

Owners of Slovak chuvaches noticed that these dogs were lucky with their health. The exception is a tendency to hip dysplasia. Therefore, the owner should check his pet for this disease from childhood.

Of course, the main thing that will take place in the grooming schedule for a dog of this breed is the weekly brushing of the coat. You also need to bathe your pet regularly . By the way, the inhabitants of the highlands have always chosen dogs with white hair – it is easier to distinguish dogs from herds or wolves if they attack. Snow-white hair is another argument in favor of accustoming a puppy to water procedures.

The molting of the Slovak Chuvach is very active, but it happens only in spring and autumn. During this time, the dog should be thoroughly brushed every two days.

Conditions of detention

This dog is resistant to weather changes. The dense white coat of the Slovak Chuvach is designed to protect him from the piercing winds of the highlands. And in the rain, his “fur coat” does not get wet.

Like many big dogs, the Slovak Chuvach feels much more comfortable in a country house than in a small apartment.

The owner must be prepared for the fact that this dog needs long, active walks. He should always have time and opportunity for long promenades at least twice a day.

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