Portuguese Podengo
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Portuguese Podengo

Characteristics of Portuguese Podengo

Country of originPortugal
The sizeSmall, medium, large
GrowthSmall: 20-30 cm

Medium: 40-55 cm

Large: 56-70 cm
WeightSmall: 4-6 kg

Medium: 16-20 kg

Large: 20-30 kg
Age12–17 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Portuguese Podengo Characteristics

Brief information

  • There are wire-haired and short-haired;
  • National breed of Portugal;
  • Another name is the Portuguese Podengo;
  • Mobile and very active.


The Portuguese Podengo owes its appearance to the North African dogs, which the Phoenicians brought to the territory of the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times. Animals interbred with local dogs, and the result of such a union was the grande podengo – large representatives of the breed. These large and obedient dogs were appreciated by the Portuguese. For thousands of years they have helped people hunting and at home.

However, this was not enough, and in the course of breeding work, small and medium-sized podengo were bred. These dogs inherited the character and service qualities of their great relative. For example, a small Podengo was successfully used in hunting rabbits, for which he received the title “little rabbit dog”.

Podengo portuguese is an active and cheerful dog, especially for small and medium-sized representatives of the breed. Large Podengo are more serious and calmer, but they will not refuse the game either. In addition, these animals are distinguished by their lively character and curiosity.


By nature, the Podengo is a hunting dog. By the way, this is how the name of the breed is translated from Portuguese. Its representatives have all the qualities of animals of this group: they are attentive, obedient, devoted and agile. Like all hunting dogs, Podengos need training . It’s best to do it with a professional. It is important to immediately show your authority and power: these stubborn dogs are ready to obey only a strong owner. It is recommended to socialize them as early as possible, this will avoid many problems in the future.

Interestingly, the Podengo, unlike many hunting breeds, can be excellent watchmen. Even sociable pets do not trust strangers and prefer to stay away from them.

The Portuguese Podengo will become the best friend of a school-age child. Dogs are very loyal to children and will gladly take part in joint games. But it is still better not to leave your pet alone with the baby.

Self-willed and independent, Podengo are not too fond of other pets in the house. As dogs with a pronounced hunting instinct, representatives of this breed do not coexist well with cats and rodents. In addition, they can be jealous.

Portuguese Podengo Care

Podengo wool does not require special care. The dog should be wiped with a damp towel every week. During the shedding period, the pet should be scratched with a massage brush to remove the fallen hairs.

Conditions of detention

The Portuguese Podengo needs vigorous and long walks. Offer the dog all kinds of outdoor games, intense exercise, fetching – he will gladly follow the commands.

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