Manchester Terrier
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Manchester Terrier

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizeSmall
GrowthToy: 25-30 cm

Standard: 38-40 cm
WeightToy: 2.5-3.5 kg

Standard: 7.7-8 kg
Age14–16 years old
FCI breed groupTerriers
Manchester Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Energetic, active, restless;
  • Curious;
  • They do not tolerate cold well.


In the past, the Manchester Terrier was one of the best rat hunters in England. Although, of course, looking at this small dog, it is difficult to believe in its ferocity. Meanwhile, some two hundred years ago, these cute pocket pets gnawed a rodent in half with one bite. For agility, endurance and well-developed working qualities, the British fell in love with the Manchester Terrier. When cruelty to rodents became punishable by law, the number of dogs dropped sharply. In order to prevent the complete disappearance of the breed, the breeders decided to correct the temperament of these dogs, then they removed aggression and some fighting qualities from the character. The resulting terrier became a calm and friendly companion. This is how we know him today.

The Manchester Terrier is an unusually devoted family dog, but at the same time, the owner will always be the main thing for her. If the terrier treats all household members with love, then he will be treated with almost reverence. It is impossible to leave a dog alone for a long time – without a person, the pet begins to yearn and be sad. At the same time, his character also deteriorates: a companionable and cheerful dog becomes capricious, naughty and even aggressive.

The Manchester Terrier is a diligent student. Owners note their curiosity and quick learner. For classes to be effective, the dog must be exercised daily. Interestingly, affection and praise are often used as a reward in working with a Manchester Terrier, rather than a treat. However, training methods largely depend on the nature of a particular dog.


The Manchester Terrier gets used to children quickly. If the puppy grew up surrounded by kids, you should not worry: they will definitely become best friends.

The dog is friendly to animals in the house, it rarely participates in conflicts. True, it will be difficult for her to get along with rodents – hunting instincts affect.

Manchester Terrier Care

Grooming the smooth-coated Manchester Terrier is very easy. It is enough to wipe it with a wet hand 2-3 times a week to get rid of fallen hairs. During the molting period, which takes place in spring and autumn, the pet must be combed out with a massage brush or glove.

It is equally important to take care of your dog’s dental health. They need to be cleaned every week. Nail care can be entrusted to professionals or trimmed at home by yourself.

Conditions of detention

The Manchester Terrier feels great even in a small city apartment. Of course, subject to sufficient walks and physical activity. With a terrier, you can do dog sports – for example, agility and frisbee , the pet will be happy with this type of exercise and a variety of activities. Representatives of the breed show good results in competitions.

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