American Eskimo
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American Eskimo

Characteristics of American Eskimo

Country of originUSA
The sizeDepends on the standard
Growth13–15 years old
Weight2.7 – 15.9 kg
AgeToy – 22.9–30.5 cm
Petite – 30.5-38.1 cm
Standard – 38.1-48.3 cm
FCI breed groupNot recognized
American Eskimo Characteristics

Brief information

  • funny;
  • playful;
  • Active;
  • Lovers to bark.

American Eskimo. Origin story

The ancestors of the American Eskimo Spitz, the so-called “eski”, lived in the northern European countries – Finland, Germany, Pomerania. At the beginning of the 20th century, these dogs came to the United States with a wave of emigrants from Germany and aroused great interest. Cynologists took up their breeding. And a separate breed was bred from the white German Spitz. By the way, it is possible that the Eski has a Samoyed among its distant relatives. 

After the Second World War, when anti-German sentiments were very strong in the country, and throughout the world, the newly bred dogs were renamed American Eskimo Spitz (eski). The first documents for sketches began to be issued in 1958. True, then they were not yet divided into varieties according to size. In 1969, the North American Eskimo Fan Association was formed. And in 1985 – the American Eskimo Club. The modern breed standards were fixed in 1995, when the Eski was recognized by the American Kennel Club.


The trademark “spitz” smile on the fox muzzle is the main distinguishing feature of these fluffy dogs with long, snow-white or pale cream hair. The coat is even, long, the undercoat is dense. It perfectly protects from the cold – and in winter, Eski love to wallow in the snow. On the neck and chest – a chic “collar”, the tail is fluffy, like a fan, lies on the back. The ears are small, the eyes can be both brown and blue. Strong, compact dog of rectangular format.


A wonderful pet, the dog is a companion, and at the same time a real watchman. Esks of a standard size, especially in a pair, can drive away an unwanted alien, but a swarm of size can warn the owners of the potential danger with a ringing bark. In general, they are great lovers of barking. And, if the dog lives in your city apartment, then you need to teach it to the “quiet” command from infancy. However, Spitz learn with pleasure, and not only to this team. These dogs get along well with their own kind, as well as with cats and other pets. They love their owners and enjoy playing with children.

American Eskimo Care

For claws , ears and eyes, standard care. But wool requires attention. The more often you comb the animal, the less wool will be in the apartment. Ideally, let it be 5 minutes, but daily. Then the house will be clean, and the pet will look good.

Conditions of detention

American Eskimos are very human oriented and should live close to humans. Of course, a country house with a plot where you can run around is ideal. But even in the apartment, the dog will feel great if the owners walk with it at least twice a day. Spitzes are energetic and love to play, making them great little friends for kids. But you need to know that esks do not like to be left without company for a long time and can, having fallen into depression, whine and bark for a long time, and even chew on something. Contact with the owners is extremely important for them, and this must be taken into account when deciding to get a puppy of this particular breed.


The price of a puppy is in the range from 300 to 1000 dollars, depending on the prospects for exhibitions and breeding, as well as size. Toy Spitz are more expensive. It is quite possible to buy a puppy in Our country.

American Eskimo – Video

DOGS 101 - American Eskimo [ENG]

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