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Characteristics of Otterhound

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizeLarge
Growth59–71 cm
Weight34–54 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed group6 – Hounds and related breeds
Otterhound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart and affectionate, good-natured;
  • Rare breed;
  • They love to swim;
  • Another name is the otter hound.


Once upon a time in the Middle Ages in England, a problem arose: a huge population of otters was destroying fish in rivers and ponds. It was decided to protect the valuable fishery with the help of hunting dogs – Otterhounds. The name of the breed, by the way, speaks for itself: the English otterhound is formed from the words otter – “otter” and hound – “hound”.

Otter fishing never became popular as a sport. Hunters whiled away the spring and summer for this business only in anticipation of the season of the fox. However, the Otterhounds were so good at what they did that in the end the otter was in danger of extinction. So hunting for these animals was banned.

Today, the Otterhound is quite difficult to meet even in the UK. Large kind dogs are often kept as companions, and it is almost impossible to see them at work. The Otterhound is a born hunter. He loves water and swims well, his paws even have membranes. A wide chest and a powerful body make it hardy and strong. In addition, he has acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell.


Despite its impressive size, the Otterhound is a sensitive dog. He does not tolerate neglect, screaming and physical punishment. Especially when it comes to training.

Otterhounds are trained with positive reinforcement. These dogs love to be praised. A smart and quick-witted dog can sometimes be stubborn, so the owner should be patient. By the way, a clicker gives good results in training with hunting dogs. The friendly Otterhound is good with strangers and enjoys getting to know new people. True, this makes the dog not the best guard.

The Otterhound is indifferent to animals in the neighborhood, cats do not bother him either. Even if the kitten appeared in the house later.

For children, this is an affectionate friend who loves joint games and activities. But, like any hunting dog, it is better not to leave him alone with the kids.

Otterhound Care

The coat of the Otterhound is of medium length. Her comb out weekly with a medium-hard brush.

The presence of long hairs on the chin makes representatives of the breed not the cleanest dogs. The owner must be prepared for frequent water procedures.

It is important not to forget to regularly examine the condition of the eyes, ears and teeth pet. claws follows cut a couple of times a month, depending on the lifestyle of the pet.

Conditions of detention

Despite the calm disposition, the Otterhound is an energetic dog. He is ready to run and play for hours in the fresh air: the hunter’s temperament is affecting. To keep your pet in shape, you need to walk with him at least twice a day, and the duration of each walk should be at least an hour.

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