Banjar Greyhound
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Banjar Greyhound

Characteristics of Banjar Greyhound

Country of originIndia
The sizelarge
Growth60-64 cm
Weight23–30 kg
Age13–15 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Banjar Greyhound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Active;
  • Excellent runners;
  • funny;
  • Stubborn;
  • Jealous.

Origin story

Unfortunately, there is no information about how and when the Banjar greyhounds appeared as a breed. India is a country of mysteries, and even more so in ancient times. It is worth noting that Indians treat dogs rather coolly, there are not so many of them in this country as in others. Obviously, the breed was artificially bred for home protection and hunting. The ancestors of the Banjar greyhound seem to have been Afghan, Rampur, Mahratti greyhounds, plus there was a constant influx of other blood due to uncontrolled crossing with local dogs.

Despite a solid history, the breed is still not stable. You can meet her even within the country infrequently, but outside of India it is almost impossible to find a puppy or an adult (except among enthusiasts). Due to their breed instability, Banjar greyhounds have not yet been recognized by any standard. Moreover, their inclusion in the lists of international associations is not expected in the near future.


Like other greyhounds, these dogs are very elegant, graceful, slender and sometimes even look thin and sinewy. However, the aristocratic appearance does not prevent the Banjar greyhounds from being excellent runners, excellent hunters and, surprisingly, sensitive and responsible watchmen.

There is no single standard for this unrecognized breed, no one in India seriously did this, but the appearance of the dogs is quite characteristic: a strong skeleton with a lean physique, a well-developed chest, a highly tucked-up stomach, high muscular legs, a long “swan” neck, narrow elongated muzzle. The tail is set high and rather long.

The coat is short, thick, smooth and soft. The color can be different, but mostly black and gray.

Banjar Greyhound Character

The character is surprisingly light and gentle. The Banjar Greyhound is an excellent companion dog. She leaves all her ferocity for hunting and defense from unwanted guests, and with the owner’s family the dog is friendly, obedient, playful. She will run after the ball with great enthusiasm, bring various objects on command, and play with children. Always ready to run and frolic. It can be a wonderful companion, but you definitely need to give her the opportunity to splash out her indefatigable energy. The only negative is a pronounced possessive principle: greyhounds do not want to share the owner with any other dogs.


Greyhound care is simple, short smooth wool self-cleaning well claws grind off on their own with sufficiently long walks. Due to natural selection, greyhounds do not have genetic health problems.

Banjar Greyhound – Video

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