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Characteristics of Leonberger

Country of originGermany
The sizeLarge
Growth65–85 cm
Weight45–85 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Leonberger Characteristics

Brief information

  • Pretty young breed;
  • Rare;
  • Good-natured giants.


The German Bear Dog is a relatively young breed. Her first breeder came up with a fascinating legend: he said that these dogs are the descendants of the Molossians, who accompanied the Roman legions several hundred years ago, and a little later the Germanic tribes. However, in fact, the German bear dog is the result of a successful experiment conducted in the 1980s to cross the Kuvasz and St. Bernard .

As an independent breed, it was registered by the German Kennel Club in 1994. The International Cynological Federation has not yet officially recognized the German Bear Dog.

German breeders call representatives of the breed “gentle giant”. They are sure that this is a wonderful companion for families with children. Big kind pets adore both babies and older children. Representatives of the breed are ready to mess around with them all day long, play and even ride on their backs – in general, endure all sorts of pranks for a long time. However, leaving dogs alone with babies is still not recommended: the danger is the weight and size of the pet. Having played too much, he can simply crush the child.


Calm and peaceful German Bear Dogs rarely bark. However, they make good guards. They will not let a stranger into their territory and in a dangerous situation they will be able to protect loved ones. However, these are very kind and open animals, one has only to make it clear that the new person is a family friend.

German Bear Dogs are attentive and serious, they are accommodating and diligent students. True, an inexperienced owner will still need control of the dog handler. Some representatives of the breed are very capricious and stubborn, so you have to look for an approach.

Like many large dogs, the German bear is calm about relatives. Of course, subject to timely socialization , which must be carried out as early as puppyhood.

Representatives of the breed can also make friends with other animals. Even with cats, these big dogs find a common language. The main thing is that the neighbor should be non-conflict and balanced.


The thick, long coat of the German Bear Dog should be brushed every week. During the molting period, which can hardly go unnoticed by the owner, the procedure will have to be carried out up to three times a week, otherwise the hair will be everywhere. It affects not only the abundance of undercoat, but also the size of the dog.

Conditions of detention

The German Bear Dog is a giant breed. The growth of such pets must be carefully monitored. Unfortunately, not always growing puppy’s body can cope with the load on the joints and bones. Until the age of one, the dog should not independently climb and descend the stairs, as well as run or jump for a long time.

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