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Characteristics of Puli

Country of originHungary
The sizeAverage
Growth36-46 cm
Weight9–16 kg
Age12–16 years old
FCI breed groupherding and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs
Puli Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart and dedicated;
  • Mobile and energetic dogs;
  • Easily trainable.


Puli is an ancient breed of dog that is at least two thousand years old. Scientists still can not accurately establish the origin of this breed. According to one version, bullets are relatives of the Tibetan terrier, they appeared in Europe with the advent of the ancient Romans. The second version says that the bullets, along with the Magyars, descended from the Ural Mountains.

Be that as it may, it is known that bullets are the closest relatives of the Hungarian Shepherd Dogs – Komondors . The Hungarians themselves used komondor to protect the sheep at night, and smaller bullets to lead the herd during the day. Interestingly, representatives of this breed differ from other herding dogs in the way they manage livestock: they jump on the back of a sheep or jump over it.

Puli was one of the main herding dogs, and therefore the representatives of the breed are very active. This dog will be a wonderful companion for athletic and energetic people. She will be happy to accompany the owner on a jog or bike ride.

Bullets are very smart, they catch everything on the fly. It is a pleasure to train a pet of this breed, but only if the dog trusts the person. If the owner has little training experience, you should contact the dog handler.


Puli dogs were not only assistants to shepherds, but also watchmen. With this role, they are doing an excellent job and now. They are distrustful of strangers, but will not attack without a reason. At the same time, sensing danger, the dog, without hesitation, will rush to the attack.

Puli get along well with school-age children, but leaving the animal alone with kids is highly discouraged. The pet, although it has a calm disposition, is not always able to tolerate children’s antics.

Socialized dogs of this breed get along quite well with other animals. But Puli, with their habit of handling, are not always ready to put up with the dominance of other pets. With rodents, too, sometimes difficulties arise – they can be perceived as an object of hunting.

Puli Care

The advantage and distinguishing feature of the bullet is its special wool. As soon as the puppy reaches the age of 9-10 months, the hairs begin to stray into laces – dreadlocks. Without proper care, they form tangles that cause a lot of trouble for the dog.

The bullets are not combed , but the dreadlocks are separated by hand to avoid matting. By the way, during the molting period, the change of hairline is almost imperceptible: the fallen hair remains twisted in the cords.

Bathe bullets infrequently, because it takes about four days for a dog to dry completely.

Conditions of detention

Bullets are active, energetic and love all kinds of games. Due to their compact size, they easily adapt to living in an apartment. But dogs feel truly happy in nature: in the park, in the forest, in the countryside – wherever you can run around.

For a walk in rainy weather, it is worth dressing your pet in overalls to avoid wool contamination and frequent water procedures.

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