Garafi Shepherd
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Garafi Shepherd

Characteristics of Garafi Shepherd

Country of originSpain, Mallorca
The sizeAverage
Growth55-64 cm
Weight24–35 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Garafi Shepherd Characteristics

Brief information

  • A rare breed of dog;
  • Smart, independent animals;
  • Active and very curious.


The Garafi shepherd dog is a favorite herding dog of the inhabitants of the Spanish island of Palma. It appeared as a result of crossing dogs that were brought by the colonialists from the mainland in the 15th century.

Throughout the history of its development, the Garafi shepherd dog has been an assistant to local shepherds and peasants. She still manages the herd with enviable dexterity on the rocky terrain of the local lands.

It is interesting that at one time they tried to cross garafi dogs with german shepherds . However, the result of this experiment was unsuccessful: mestizos were aggressive, attacking sheep and cows. Today, the Garafi shepherd dog lovers club is working on the purity of the breed.

The Spanish Kennel Club recognized the breed in 2004, but the Fédération Cynologique Internationale has not officially registered it yet.


Fast, purposeful, responsible – Garafian shepherd dogs have no equal in their work. These dogs are constantly on the move, almost unable to stand still.

The main thing in raising dogs of this breed is to show who is the leader of the pack. But Spanish breeders do it purely with positive reinforcement. They assure that for a job well done, the dog must be treated with treats, stroked and praised. If the pet is guilty, it can be scolded. But in no case should you shout and, moreover, use physical force! So you can forever lose the trust and love of the dog – the pets of this breed are too smart and independent.

Like any dog, the Garafian Shepherd Dog needs socialization . On their home island of Palma, they grow up surrounded by family and household.

These dogs are rarely kept as companions. However, in this case, already with a two-month-old puppy, you need to walk and gradually introduce him to the outside world.

The Garafi shepherd dog most often works alone, it is quite capable of coping with a small herd on its own. The dog can easily get along with a calm relative. If the neighbor turns out to be aggressive and angry, then fights and conflicts cannot be avoided: Garafian shepherd dogs can stand up for themselves.

Representatives of this breed treat children with love if they grew up with them. However, for safety reasons, cynologists do not recommend leaving animals alone with babies.

Garafi Shepherd Care

The long coat of the Garafian Shepherd Dog is replaced twice a year – in autumn and spring. To avoid falling hair throughout the house, the owner must take care of the pet. Animals are recommended to be combed a couple of times a week with a furminator brush. The rest of the time, the procedure is carried out less frequently – once is enough.

Conditions of detention

The Garafi shepherd dog is a tireless sportsman. This is not a marathon runner, but a sprinter, and she needs appropriate walks: they can last an hour, but this hour should be filled with all kinds of physical exercises.

Garafi Shepherd – Video

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