Greenland Dog
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Greenland Dog

Characteristics of Greenland Dog

Country of originDenmark, Greenland
The sizeLarge
Growth55–65 cm
Weightabout 30 kg
Age12–13 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Greenland Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • hardy;
  • Calm and smart;
  • Friendly, easily finds contact with other animals;
  • Requires an experienced owner.


The Greenland Dog is the oldest breed of sled dog. Over the last millennium of its existence, it has not changed much. These dogs are larger than Siberian Huskies but smaller than Alaskan Malamutes . Their thick, warm coat has two layers, which help Greenland dogs withstand both cold and heat. These animals are physically and mentally very hardy, which is not surprising, given the harsh conditions of life in the land of ice.

Greenland dogs are calm and reserved, but at the same time quite friendly. They are not prone to noisy activities and do not disturb the owners most of the time. Nevertheless, they perceive everything new very emotionally and are often accompanied by loud barking.

Dogs of this breed are very sociable – they behave with their family in the same way as if it were their pack. Often, the Greenlanders try to take the reins of government into their own paws, for this reason, the future owner must have a strong and firm character. From the first meeting, he should be able to show that he is the main one, and not the dog. The owner of a pet of this breed must know how to gain authority in the eyes of the animal. 


At the same time, it is important to understand that the Greenland dog is sensitive to people and will never respect brute physical strength. Although this breed learns quite quickly, anyone who wants to get a Greenland dog must have training experience. However, if the pet sees a wise leader in the owner, he will try his best to please him.

With good training and socialization , these dogs can be trusted to communicate with children, but you should not leave them unattended. Representatives of the breed are friendly with other dogs, but with other animals, especially small ones, they may have problems due to a fairly strong hunting instinct.

Greenland Dog Care

Centuries of natural selection, which took place in such harsh living conditions in the Arctic, has led to the fact that this breed has practically no hereditary diseases. Quite rarely, these dogs can suffer from diabetes, hip dysplasia and have a predisposition to gastric volvulus.

Greenland dogs shed heavily in spring and autumn. Hair loss can be reduced by daily brushing . Otherwise, their thick coat does not need special care. Dogs of this breed should be washed as little as possible, since the hair follicles secrete a special oil that prevents dryness and irritation of the animal’s skin.

Conditions of detention

The incredible endurance of Greenland dogs makes them ideal companions for lovers of hiking, running, cycling and other outdoor activities. These dogs need a huge amount of exercise, which makes keeping them in a city apartment quite difficult. Even a personal yard will not be enough for these dogs.

The future owner must be ready to thoroughly deal with the pet and devote at least two hours of lessons per day to it. Without an active pastime, the Greenland dog, unable to express its energy, will set about destroying the house and barking loudly and non-stop. Therefore, it is recommended to responsibly approach the content of these dogs.

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