Greek Harehound
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Greek Harehound

Characteristics of Greek Harehound

Country of originGreece
The sizeAverage
Growth45–55 cm
Weight17–20 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Greek Harehound Characteristics

Brief information

  • hardy;
  • Excellent runners;
  • They have excellent flair;
  • Active.

Origin story

Greek hare hound, or Hellenic hare hound (Hellinikos Ichnilatis, Greek Harehound, Hellenic Hound) is an ancient breed, among its ancestors there are Balkan hounds, Italian segugio, and if you look back centuries, even Egyptian bloodhounds, which the Phoenicians brought to Greece in ancient times . This breed is the only one in Greece that was recognized by the FCI (this happened in 1996).

This breed is one of the rare ones, it is difficult to find Greek hounds outside the historical homeland. But the breeders of the Hellinikos Ichnilatis hobbyist club in Greece are actively involved in preserving and increasing the number of these unsurpassed hare hunters, as the name of the breed suggests.


Strong dog of athletic build, rectangular format. The ears are medium in size, set high and hanging. Eyes brown, medium size. The muzzle is elongated, the jaws are strong. Paws are strong, muscular. The tail is short, thick at the base, saber. The coat is coarse, hard, short, close fitting. The color is black and tan, the color of the tan can vary from beige to red. A small white spot is allowed on the chest, on the abdomen. Greek hare hounds have an excellent flair, a loud, sonorous voice, and excellent performance.

Greek Harehound Character

These hounds thrive in the hot climate of Greece. Working dogs, they are able to cover considerable distances, galloping tirelessly, in order to eventually drive their prey to the hunter. Interestingly, dogs have a “specialization” – they are trained specifically for hares . Hounds usually work in pairs. Despite the gambling and even some bloodthirstiness in work processes, in ordinary life they are completely non-aggressive, active, cheerful dogs. They easily and with pleasure learn commands, training them is not difficult. But a couch dog from a hound, of course, will not work.


Grooming is simple: it is necessary to clean the wool with a special brush once or twice a week , and also from time to time to carry out standard hygiene procedures. Genetically, Greek dogs have fairly good health.

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Greek Harehound - Facts and Information

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