Waller (Wäller)
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Waller (Wäller)

Characteristics of Waller

Country of originGermany
The sizeAverage
Growth26–30 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Waller dog characteristics

Brief information

  • Very rare breed;
  • Attached to all family members;
  • Friendly, cheerful;
  • Patient nannies.


The Waller is a fairly young breed of dog that began breeding in 1994 in the German city of Westerfald, which is also called the “Waller”. Hence, as you might guess, the name of the breed came from.

Karin Wimmer-Kickbush, the first breeder of these shaggy dogs, decided to cross french shepherd briard and Australian Shepherd. Local residents appreciated the result of the work, so a year later, in 1995, a club of wallers lovers was opened.

Fans of the breed admit that the main thing is the character, health and performance of pets, and not their appearance at all. Today, selection is aimed at improving these qualities.

An active and agile waller, despite its shepherd origin, is usually started as a companion dog. Sensitive, intelligent and playful pets adore all family members, without exception! For this they are especially appreciated by breeders.

Waller is easy to train . Obedient and attentive dog with pleasure fulfills the commands of the handler. A dog can learn the simplest tricks even with a child under the control of an adult.

Representatives of the breed make good guards: Waller does not trust strangers too much, keeps aloof, although he does not show aggression.

In order for the pet to be balanced and calm, it is necessary to provide him with work – to play sports with him, to train and play a lot. Breeders compete with dogs in flyball , frisbee and agility competitions .


Caring nannies, gentle and patient wallers can sit with kids of any age. True, games with preschoolers should be supervised by adults so that the dog does not accidentally injure the child.

School-age children can already fully engage with a dog: take it for a walk, play, train and feed it.

An open and good-natured waller easily finds a common language with relatives, the main thing is that the neighbor is also non-conflict. In any case, a smart waller will try to find a compromise.


The Waller’s thick, long coat requires careful grooming. Without timely combing , the hairs fall into tangles, which are quite difficult to eliminate. Therefore, a couple of times a week, the pet’s hair should be combed out with a stiff brush, and during molting, it is better to use a furminator comb 2-3 times a week. Bathe him as needed, usually once a month.

Conditions of detention

Waller feels most comfortable in a private house when he has the opportunity to run around in the yard. But it is impossible to keep these dogs in an aviary or on a leash – only free range.

In a city apartment, representatives of the breed also get along well, the main thing is to provide the pet with full walks. It is advisable to engage in sports with your pet: for example, run with him and ride a bicycle.

Waller – Video

Wäller vom Auehof

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