Greek Shepherd
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Greek Shepherd

Characteristics of Greek Shepherd

Country of originGreece
The sizeLarge
Growth60–75 cm
Weight32–50 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Greek Shepherd Characteristics

Brief information

  • Calm, phlegmatic;
  • Excellent guards;
  • Intelligent.


The Greek Shepherd, like many shepherd dogs of the Balkan Peninsula, has ancient roots. True, cynologists cannot say for sure who exactly was the ancestor of this breed. Most likely, its closest relative is the Turkish Akbash, which was once crossed with the Balkan Molossians.

Interestingly, initially Greek Shepherds were rarely used as herding dogs. Working in pairs, as a rule, the female and the male performed security functions.

Today, the Greek Shepherd Dog is a constant companion of shepherds, and outside of Greece it is rather difficult to meet representatives of this breed, except perhaps in neighboring countries.

By nature, the Greek Shepherd Dog is a real guard and protector. Work and service to the person for her is the work of her whole life.


As you might guess, this is a dog of one owner, she will only obey him. However, it is not easy for the owner to win the attention and love of the Greek Shepherd Dog. Puppies begin to train from early childhood, through the game. It is very important to carry out socialization in time . Without it, the dog will grow up aggressive and nervous. So, for example, farmers do not take puppies from the bitch, the young grow in a pack, surrounded by a variety of animals.

As for training, only a professional dog handler can cope with the independent disposition of a Greek shepherd dog . Poorly trained dogs are fierce and unsociable.

The Greek Shepherd Dog treats strangers with distrust. She issues several warnings and, if the intruder has not stopped moving, begins to act. She is able to make independent decisions.

The Greek Shepherd is not the best babysitter. It is not recommended to leave children alone with these large dogs. Pets will not tolerate familiarity.

The relationship of a shepherd dog with animals largely depends on the nature of the neighbor. If the other dog is able to compromise, the Greek Shepherd will most likely get along with it. But, if the neighbor will boldly and persistently try to dominate, conflict cannot be avoided.


Greek Shepherds are the owners of fluffy thick wool. The molting process can hardly go unnoticed by their owners. Dogs are brushed twice a week with a large furminator.

The rest of the time, you can get rid of fallen hairs with a stiff brush and bathing . But water procedures are rarely carried out – once every three months.

Conditions of detention

The Greek Shepherd is a service breed, keeping such a strong and large dog in a city apartment is unlikely to be a good idea. But representatives of the breed can be house guards and live in their own aviary on the street.

In Greece, you can find animals with one cropped ear. It is believed that this improves their hearing. Although often in this way they mark males.

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Greek Shepherd Dog Breed - Facts and Info

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