Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore
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Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore

Characteristics of Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore

Country of originFrance
The sizeLarge
Growth60–70 cm
Weight34–36 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore Characteristics

Brief information

  • Solid, important dogs;
  • More “Frenchness” in character prevails;
  • Calm, balanced.


The Greater Anglo-French Tricolor Hound is one of the brightest representatives of the Anglo-French dog group. Like their relatives, they appeared as a result of crossing French and English hounds – in particular, the French Pointin and the English Foxhound.

Despite the calm disposition of the tricolor hound, these dogs are rarely kept as companions. The nature of the hunter and habits affect: these pets need space, they need many hours of walks every day and active games.

Representatives of the breed are very friendly and good-natured, they practically do not show aggression and anger. Together with cowardice, these qualities are unacceptable in the breed standard. Partly for this reason, the great Anglo-French hounds are considered poor guards and watchmen, they are too gullible.

The most important thing in the life of a large Anglo-French tricolor hound is its owner. The dog just loves it. She seeks to please the owner in everything and earn his praise.


Nevertheless hounds need socialization and education . Breeders recommend introducing a puppy to the outside world at the age of 2-3 months. Without socialization, a dog can become uncontrollable, ill-mannered and nervous.

As for training, they begin to carry it out quite early, already at 5-6 months. First, training takes place in a game format, and then in a more serious one. As a reward, you can use both goodies and praise. It all depends on the individual dog.

The Great Anglo-French Tricolor Hound has always been used as a pack dog, very rarely members of the breed worked alone. So with relatives, a pet of this breed easily finds a common language. With cats, too, there are no problems when the puppy grows up with such a neighbor.

The Greater Anglo-French Tricolor Hound is not the best babysitter. However, the dog treats school-age children warmly. The main thing in a relationship is the upbringing of the dog and the behavior of the child.

Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore Care

The short coat of the Great Anglo-French Tricolor Hound does not require much grooming. It is enough to wipe the dog weekly with a damp towel or just with your hand to get rid of the fallen hairs.

Moulting takes place twice a year – in autumn and spring. At this time, the combing process is carried out a little more often – twice a week.

Conditions of detention

Beagles are very active and hardy dogs. They need exhausting workouts and outdoor play. If a pet of this breed lives in a city apartment, the owner must be ready for many hours of daily walks. It is also advisable to take your pet at least once a week to nature – for example, to a park or forest.

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