Tenterfield Terrier
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Tenterfield Terrier

Characteristics of Tenterfield Terrier

Country of originAustralia
The sizeAverage
Growthno higher than 30 cm
Weight5–10 kg
Age10–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Tenterfield Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Cheerful and cheerful dogs;
  • Excellent companions;
  • well trained;
  • Fearless.

Origin story

Breeders from Australia are engaged in perfection and breeding work with the Tenterfield Terriers, and this is one of the few Australian breeds. These cheerful, courageous and cheerful dogs are often confused with the much more famous Jack Russell Terrier , however, despite the resemblance, they are completely different breeds.

Due to the fact that the Tenterfield Terriers have been used as working dogs for quite a short time, their hunting instinct is less pronounced than in other terriers, and they are an excellent companion dog , with which, thanks to their small size, you can go or go anywhere. The breed got its name from the city of Tenterfield in Australia, which is considered its birthplace.


These are small dogs, characterized by a fairly strong and harmonious physique. The Tenterfield Terrier has a muscular back and a broad chest, the transition from chest to belly is smooth but still noticeable. The tail is set high. The head of typical representatives of the breed is of medium size and in proportion to the body, while a large or rounded skull is highly undesirable. The ears are set high, the tip is triangular and bent down. The coat of the Tenterfield Terrier is short, dense and single-layered, the main background of the coat is white, it has black, reddish, blue (grayish) or brown spots.


Like all terriers, representatives of this breed are distinguished by a lively temperament. They are friendly, intelligent dogs that are very confident, but get along well with all family members. However, training a Tenterfield Terrier will require a certain amount of perseverance and patience from the owner, as these dogs can be stubborn and self-willed . It is better to practice methodically with a puppy from a very early age. Also, socialization and a firm hand are very important for representatives of the breed . But there are undoubted advantages: these animals can be made friends with cats . Tenterfields usually get along well with small children.

Tenterfield Terrier Care

Typical representatives of the breed are unpretentious and do not require special care. Everything is standard: clean ears and trim nails as needed.


However, terriers need to throw out their ebullient energy – these dogs need active, long walks and close contact with a person. If you do not give your pet, especially a puppy, sufficient physical activity , then you may encounter destruction in an apartment or house, gnawed on shoes or furniture. So the option of 10-minute walks does not suit them.


The breed is distributed only in Australia, and to buy a puppy you will have to make a long and very expensive trip.

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