English Foxhound
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English Foxhound

Characteristics of English Foxhound

Country of originGreat Britain
The sizeLarge
Growth53-63 cm
Weight29–32 kg
Age10–13 years old
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
English Foxhound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Ancestor of many hound breeds, including the American Foxhound and the Russian Pinto Hound;
  • Strong, energetic, loves physical activity;
  • Friendly, non-confrontational.


The English Foxhound is one of the best representatives of the hunting dogs of the British Kingdom. The history of the origin of this breed is not known for certain; among its ancestors are the Greyhound , the Fox Terrier , and even the Bulldog . It is believed that it was bred in the 16th century, when English hunters set themselves the task of creating a special fox-catching dog. 

They relied not only on agility and speed, but also on the ability of the animal to work in a pack. In the end, they did manage to breed a hound with the right qualities. By the way, the name of the breed is translated from English as “fox hound”.

The English Foxhound, like most hunting dogs, is a tireless adventurer. He loves walking, running and exercising. If you plan to have him as a companion, this is worth considering. The sofa lifestyle is not suitable for such a pet – he will be happy in an active family.

The English Foxhound is sociable and very sociable. He easily finds a common language with other dogs and in general with any animals, even cats. But it still needs socialization . The foxhound treats strangers with apprehension and distrust – it can become a good guard.


The English Foxhound can be stubborn and therefore not always easy to train. It is worth showing perseverance and firmness with him, but one should not be too strict. If the owner has no experience in training dogs, it is recommended to contact a professional dog handler.

Foxhound is a dog of one owner, she quickly becomes attached to the leader of the “pack” and very hard to endure separation from him. Longing from loneliness can make a pet uncontrollable.

With children, the English Foxhound is gentle and playful. He will become a good nanny and protector of a child of school age. However, with small children, it is better not to leave the dog alone.


The English Foxhound is the owner of a short hard coat, the care of which does not require special efforts from the owner. During the molting period, the dog is combed daily with a massage brush. Bathe the pet infrequently, as needed.

Your dog’s eyes, ears, and teeth should be checked weekly. It is recommended to accustom a puppy to such a procedure from a very early age.

Conditions of detention

The English Foxhound is able to run tens of kilometers a day, so keeping it in the city can be a problem. He needs long walks and intense physical exercises, various games. It is best if the owners have the opportunity to go out with the dog every week so that it can warm up properly, because without the proper load, the pet’s character can deteriorate.

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