Anglo-French Lesser Hound
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Anglo-French Lesser Hound

Characteristics of Anglo-French Lesser Hound

Country of originFrance
The sizeAverage
Growth48–58 cm
Weight16–20 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupHounds and related breeds
Anglo-French Lesser Hound Characteristics

Brief information

  • Gambling, funny, very playful;
  • Friendly and sociable animals;
  • Differ in diligence and diligence.


The Anglo-French Little Hound was bred relatively recently – in the 1970s in France. Hunters needed a versatile dog that could successfully hunt a pheasant, a fox, and a hare.

The main ancestors of this breed are two hounds: Pouatvinskaya and Harrier (English hare). But not without other hunting breeds – for example, porcelain hounds and even beagles .

The Anglo-French small hound received official recognition 40 years ago – in 1978. However, French hunters believe that the process of improving the working qualities of the dog is not over yet.

The Anglo-French Hound is a typical representative of the group of hunting breeds. She is kind, patient and hardworking. These animals are absolutely devoid of aggression and anger, so they can hardly be relied upon as guards and defenders of the territory. Some representatives of the breed happily meet even uninvited guests. At the same time, the pet will stand up for the members of his family without hesitation. The animal is strongly attached to the family and gives it all its affection, love and tenderness.


In training , the Anglo-French Hound is attentive and diligent. If you find the right approach to the pet, there will be no problems.

Representatives of this breed are rarely given as companions. But, if you are thinking about buying an Anglo-French Hound puppy, it is worth considering that she is very active and energetic. This dog is unlikely to be happy next to a passive owner, she will start to get bored.

A well-bred and socialized hound is great with school-age children. She will most likely be indifferent to the kids and will not show much interest. As for getting along with animals, it all depends on the nature of the neighbors. Given the lifestyle and working qualities of the dog (and they hunt, as a rule, in a pack), there should be no problems. But, if a cocky and aggressive dog lives next to the hound, the neighborhood may turn out to be unsuccessful.


The short coat of the Anglo-French Hound does not require extensive professional grooming. During the molting period, fallen hairs can be removed with a massage brush or a rubber glove.

Breeds with floppy ears are at a higher risk of developing ear infections, so they need a weekly checkup.

Conditions of detention

The Anglo-French Lesser Hound needs training, long runs and sports. The dog will be happy to accompany the owner on a bike ride and will bring him a stick or a ball during a walk in the park. Without physical exertion, the character of the dog can deteriorate, this will manifest itself in disobedience, uncontrollable barking, and nervousness. It is advisable to get out with the dog at least once a week so that the pet can enjoy the walk.

Anglo-French Lesser Hound – Video


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