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Characteristics of Elo

Country of originGermany
The sizeAverage
Growthbig elo – 45-60 cm,
small elo – 35-45 cm
Weight12-20 kg
beagle-shaped – up to 14 kg
Age10–12 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Elo Charracteristics

Brief information

  • Calm;
  • benevolent;
  • Human-oriented;
  • The hunting instinct is weakly expressed.

Origin story

A very young breed, not yet recognized by the FCI . The year of its inception is considered to be 1987. Marita and Heinz Schorris, bobtail breeders from Germany, decided to respond to the challenges of the times and create the perfect companion dog, especially for living in an apartment next to a person. It was required that the new dog be in good health, be beautiful in appearance, bark little, show no aggression towards people or pets, and be easy to train.

Initially, Bobtail , Chow Chow and Eurasian were selected for breeding . In addition, Pekingese , as well as Japanese and German Spitz, participated in breeding .

There are two types of elo: big and small. Breeding of a miniature variety of this breed has now begun. In the future, it is planned to develop a short-haired variety.


A cute shaggy dog, proportionately folded, elongated, with small protruding triangular ears and a good-natured muzzle. The physique is quite strong, the tail is of medium length, fluffy.

The color is varied, white with spots and specks is preferred. Elo can be both wire-haired and soft long-haired. Now breeders are also breeding smooth-haired elo.


Calm, friendly, somewhat phlegmatic dog with a seasoned “Nordic” character. Almost does not bark, does not chase cats and does not hunt the owner’s parrots. Unperturbedly tolerates bathing and other manipulations. Enjoys working with children. Patiently sits alone while the owner is at work, and then joyfully meets him at the door, wagging his tail. It is absolutely non-aggressive, but it will perfectly learn to guard the apartment; although it will never attack first, if necessary, it will be able to protect both itself and the owner.

Elo Care

The dog is fluffy, the coat should be combed out with a special brush at least twice a week. Then your pet will be pleasing to the eye. Claws , ears , eyes are processed as needed. In muddy weather, it is advisable to walk your dog in a light raincoat to protect the coat and not to bathe the dog too often.

How to Keep

Feels great in a country house, and in a city apartment. But you need to walk the dog at least twice a day and at least half an hour at a time. If she stays at home alone for a long time, care should be taken to ensure that the pet has enough toys.


In our country, Elo is unlikely to be bought. You can contact breeders in Germany and choose your puppy in advance via the Internet.

The cost of a puppy is directly dependent on the title of the parents and the exterior of the pet itself.

Elo – Video

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