Saint-Usuge Spaniel
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Saint-Usuge Spaniel

Characteristics of Saint-Usuge Spaniel

Country of originFrance
The sizeAverage
Growth40–47 cm
Weight12–15 kg
Age10–15 years
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Saint-Usuge Spaniel Characteristics

Brief information

  • Excellent working qualities;
  • Well trained;
  • I like swimming and water games.

Origin story

Spaniels de Sainte-Usug are the smallest among French Spaniels, that is, spaniels. These animals – passionate hunters and wonderful companions – have been known since the Middle Ages, they were quite popular in France, but by the twentieth century, interest in them gradually faded, and the breed was on the verge of extinction. The restoration of the population of these spaniels and the preservation of the breed was undertaken by the clergyman Robert Billiard, who was a passionate hunter. Thanks to his efforts and the efforts of other enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the breed, the Spanioli de Sainte-Usug is currently restored, recognized by the French Cynological Federation, but it is still far from being recognized by the FCI.


Typical representatives of the Spaniel-de-Saint-Usuz breed are medium-sized dogs with a characteristic appearance of spaniels. They are distinguished by a square body with a strong neck, loin and slightly sloping croup. The head of the spaniels is of medium size, with a wide forehead and an elongated muzzle. The eyes are not small, but not large, dark. The ears are higher than usual, long and hanging, with a shock of curly hair, which also covers the entire body of the pet. The color of the spaniels is brown or brown-roan. Tails are often docked.


These cute dogs have an easy, friendly disposition – they will love you. In addition, they are absolutely non-aggressive and fearless. These animals like to swim and play water games. Due to their nature, good trainability and small size, they are excellent companions . However, even on the hunt, the epanioli de saint-yusuz show excellent results: they are reckless and tireless.

Saint-Usuge Spaniel Care

They do not require special techniques and are quite unpretentious. However, the coat, especially on the ears, needs regular combing and care. Also, owners need to check the condition of the auricles from time to time in order to notice inflammation in time . Of course, annual vaccination and regular treatment of the dog for parasites is necessary.

How to Keep Content

Since the dog is a hunting dog, the owners of the Spaniol de Sainte-Usuz should take this into account and not deprive a friend of their favorite pastime, for which he was bred. The best place to keep is a country house. But these spaniels can also live perfectly in apartments, provided they travel to hunt or train.


Despite the fact that the breed is no longer threatened with complete extinction, Spanioli de Sainte-Usug is practically not found outside of France. Those wishing to buy a puppy will have to go to the birthplace of the breed or negotiate with breeders about the delivery of the puppy, paying for it. Additional costs, no doubt, will affect the cost of the dog, which must be considered before buying.

Saint-Usuge Spaniel – Video

Saint-Usuge Spaniel Dog Breed - Facts and Information

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